It looks charming. People who love watches and the public think differently. Some people who love watches or those with mechanical expressions may think that winding a mechanical watch every morning is a very enjoyable thing, on the contrary, it will be very troublesome for those people.

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First of all, the manual winding does not have an automatic rotor and automatic mechanism, and it will be thinner than a self-winding watch. Secondly, because there is no automatic oscillating weight for manual winding, it can perfectly present the beautiful and detailed parts and polishing process of the movement. This is also a major reason why many people like manual winding. Therefore, many top models of brands will launch manual winding models, which is also very commemorative.

Wishdoit Watches Tonneau Watches

Manual mechanical watches are generally thinner than automatic mechanical watches, so there are still a large number of ultra-thin watches that use manual mechanical movements, which are very elegant to wear.

And it has another advantage that even though the manual mechanical watch is relatively thin, its mainspring power reserve is usually less than 40 hours, except for the long-power manual movement. If your watch does not wind for a day, there is a risk that the watch will stop.

Wishdoit Watches Tonneau Watches

The winding feel of a manual mechanical watch is still very unique. In other words, a person with a little "practice" can judge the quality and price range of a watch from the process of screwing the movement. Once you have this feel, winding a good watch naturally becomes a satisfying thing.

Although the manual movement structure is relatively simple and the maintenance cost in the future is generally lower than that of the automatic movement. That's why so many people like to wear a mechanical watch with manual winding.


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