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Which Watch Is Best For Regular Use?

Though the new gadgets are now leading the world, a prominent community is still in love with them. Imagine the scenario where you are at an official dinner, business meeting, or professional seminar. How will you check the time and tell anyone if someone asks? Through your phone?

It might be considered the worst behavior. The simple question arises that cell phones are for calling and messaging, and quartz watches' main aim is to tell the time. You can’t consider cell phones as a replacement for timepieces.

What is the history of anti-magnetic watches? - Wishdoit Watches

What is the history of anti-magnetic watches?

The first 25 years of the twentieth century saw significant changes in this field. In 1920, the Nobel Prize winner, Charles-Edouard Guillaume from Fleurier, Switzerland, invented an iron-nickel alloy, which replaced the early steel alloy balance spring and greatly improved the balance spring from the following three aspects.
How can we protect watches from magnetic fields? - Wishdoit Watches

How can we protect watches from magnetic fields?

Anti-magnetic watch does not mean that all parts in the watch are anti-magnetic, it just means that some main parts, such as the balance wheel, hairspring, spring, etc., are made of anti-magnetic materials. According to international standards, if the watch can continue to operate under a magnetic field of 4800A/m, and the maximum error does not exceed 30 seconds one day after the test, it meets the anti-magnetic standard.
What is the power reserve indicator? - Wishdoit Watches

What is the power reserve indicator?

Power reserve display, also called energy display. That is, there is usually a display window on the dial that indicates the power reserve, also called the energy display window.

Nowadays, the power reserve is undoubtedly one of the hallmarks of the watchmaker’s craftsmanship, just like the tourbillon. There are two main criteria for evaluating the power reserve in the watch industry, let's take a look

What is a tourbillon? - Wishdoit Watches

What is a tourbillon?

A tourbillon is a mechanism that constantly rotates the balance wheel, balance spring and escapement while the movement is running. This is done to counter the affect of Earth's gravity on the isochronal properties of the balance wheel and spring.
How to buy a watch for a newcomer?- First step - Wishdoit Watches

How to buy a watch for a newcomer?- First step

Every man should have a good watch! Since it is a good watch, we must be careful when buying it. Our senior watch lover may already know how to buy a watch, today we will introduce it to newcomers!
What kinds of buckles are there? - Wishdoit Watches

What kinds of buckles are there?

The buckle is composed of a buckle surface and a base frame, and one end of the buckle surface and the base frame are respectively connected with the strap. The buckle surface is integrally slotted, and there is a circular buttonhole on the bottom surface of the buckle surface to lock each other with the pin on the bottom frame; Connect, the other end of the long arm is connected to the strap, and the other end of the short arm is connected to the buckle surface.
Do you know the difference of a diving watch? - Wishdoit Watches

Do you know the difference of a diving watch?

The functions of the inner and outer rings of a diving watch are very different. Divers like to carry a small amount of oxygen tanks, in order to reduce the weight underwater, but the amount of oxygen is related to the size of the oxygen tank, so people who are familiar with diving equipment will bring a device to measure the amount of oxygen. 
How watches are revived? - Wishdoit Watches

How watches are revived?

Although a watch is only a small accessory within a square inch, its market size is nothing compared to the global economy. Even Switzerland, which is often referred to as the "country of watches and clocks", only accounts for the annual sales of the watch industry. About 3.3% of the national GDP. However, as the most classic timekeeping tool in the modern history of mankind, the inner core that drives its timekeeping may change with the development of the times, but its external aesthetic connotation seems to play a timeless role in human society.
When do we take care of our watches? - Wishdoit Watches

When do we take care of our watches?

In the first case, if the dynamic storage of the mechanical watch is insufficient in daily wear, and the manual winding is quite different from the official standard, then it can be judged that the mechanical watch needs maintenance-related operations.
What is the source of watch time - Wishdoit Watches

What is the source of watch time

Since time immemorial, humans have discovered that certain natural phenomena occur regularly at regular intervals. For example, night changes to day as the sun moves across the sky, giving people the first awareness of the passage of time. When coherent daily life scenarios such as hunting, harvesting, eating, sleeping, and socializing naturally follow the laws of the sun, the human desire to measure time also arises.
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Who is William Kidd?

Kidd was born around 1645 in Greenock, Scotland. He loved the sea and sailing. Since the childhood, his dream had been to become a seaman, or even more, a great privateer and a pirate hunter. Later on, he left his homeland for New York where his career got underway. The success came almost instantly and Kidd's reputation as a privateer was growing rapidly. His prestige increased after many successful raids and a rank of a captain entitled him afterwards. He married Sarah Bradley Cox, a rich 20-years-old two-times widow. They had two kids. With successful career, wealth and family, his dreams were becoming reality.