How can we protect watches from magnetic fields? - Wishdoit Watches

How can we protect watches from magnetic fields?

Anti-magnetic watch does not mean that all parts in the watch are anti-magnetic, it just means that some main parts, such as the balance wheel, hairspring, spring, etc., are made of anti-magnetic materials. According to international standards, if the watch can continue to operate under a magnetic field of 4800A/m, and the maximum error does not exceed 30 seconds one day after the test, it meets the anti-magnetic standard.
Who is William Kidd? - Wishdoit Watches

Who is William Kidd?

Kidd was born around 1645 in Greenock, Scotland. He loved the sea and sailing. Since the childhood, his dream had been to become a seaman, or even more, a great privateer and a pirate hunter. Later on, he left his homeland for New York where his career got underway. The success came almost instantly and Kidd's reputation as a privateer was growing rapidly. His prestige increased after many successful raids and a rank of a captain entitled him afterwards. He married Sarah Bradley Cox, a rich 20-years-old two-times widow. They had two kids. With successful career, wealth and family, his dreams were becoming reality.
Do you know what a watch craftsman's canvas is? - Wishdoit Watches

Do you know what a watch craftsman's canvas is?

Date indications were present on early clocks. A full calendar, which is meant to include the day, the month, and the usual phases of the moon appearing soon. By the late 16th century, calendars appeared on watches. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, when watches had gradually expanded their market share, manufacturers did not see that much of an opportunity to put the date on the watch.
how to make a watch? - Wishdoit Watches

how to make a watch?

There are several steps in the watch manufacturing process, such as burnishing
, electroplating, numerical control, etc. Do you know what these steps are? Let me introduce them to you one by one.
What is Winding Stem? - Wishdoit Watches

What is Winding Stem?

The winding stem is the interface between the exterior and interior of a watch. Manipulation of the winding stem by turning, pulling, and pushing the crown winds and sets the mechanical movement. One end of the winding stem is threaded, where the crown is attached. 
Do you know the Gear Train? - Wishdoit Watches

Do you know the Gear Train?

gear train is a mechanical system formed by mounting gears on a frame so the teeth of the gears engage. Gear teeth are designed to ensure the pitch circles of engaging gears roll on each other without slipping, providing a smooth transmission of rotation from one gear to the next.
How do mechanical watches store energy? - Wishdoit Watches

How do mechanical watches store energy?

Mechanical watches are powered by a coiled spring known as a mainspring. As this spring uncoils, the amount of time that the watch can run diminishes. This remaining amount of time is referred to as the power reserve, winding indication, or up/down indication. An indication turning through an angle or a linear indicator appears on the dial to display the power reserve, similar to a car’s fuel gauge.

Do you know the Dual Time? - Wishdoit Watches

Do you know the Dual Time?

A dual-time watch has two hour hands in order to indicate time in two different time zones. This complication is popular with travelers, as it allows the wearer to set a “home” time zone for quick reference. The second hour hand is sometimes referred to as the GMT or UTC hand. 


Are watchmakers the only stars in this process? Watchmakers are indeed the nerve centre when it comes to watch design but they are not the only ones; in fact, far from it. Here is a look at the key steps for creating the most beautiful timepieces.
How to select your own watch? - Wishdoit Watches

How to select your own watch?

Today. I will recommend you three watches, such as Casio, Tissot and Wishdoit watch. The three brands of watches have their own advantages and characteristics, and let me explain them in detail.

How To Wear A Watch - 11 Crucial Rules - Wishdoit Watches

How To Wear A Watch - 11 Crucial Rules

Up-to-date men know not to wear earthy colored shoes with a dark belt, a pre-tied tie, or nightgown outside of the house. About watches, individuals are a little fluffy about the guidelines. We frequently observe men wearing an unseemly watch for their outfit, or they're checking the time like clockwork in a gathering.
Is a 36mm watch suitable for a man? - Wishdoit Watches

Is a 36mm watch suitable for a man?

36 mm is a small type of dial. Normally, 36 mm is more suitable for men who are thinner. It can be said that the 36 mm dial is just right for people with thinner wrists. It neither highlights that the dial is too large, nor does it indicate that the wrist is too thin. But it is not ruled out that some people with larger wrists like this type of dial, they will find this kind of dial more special and more attractive.