Watch Strap | Black 25mm

$59 USD

Please notice:

This interchangeable strap is suitable for X-Series, Captain Kidd, GT Chrono & All Upgrade Watches.


Band Width: 25mm(0.98in)
Band Length: 21cm(8.26in)
Band Material: Fluoro Rubber
Applicable Model: X-Series, Captain Kidd & All Upgrade Watches.

How To Change and Replace Your Watch Straps?

Having trouble changing and replacing your Fluorine Rubber watch straps? This video should clear things up! If you're still not how to do it, send an email to for additional help.

Recommended color

1. Captain Kidd - Silvery / Black / Gold

2. X-Series - Silvery / Black / Gold

3. Psychic Compass Upgrade Version - Silvery / Black / Gold

4. Viking Tomahakw Upgrade Version - Silvery / Black / Gold / Red