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— I love watches and I have quite a few in my collection, the GT Chronograph by far is the best one. It is beautifully crafted with a stunning car, the balance on the wrist is perfect!
— Surpasses Expectations! I was sold after watching multiple YouTube videos. The quality was very apparent on video. When I got mine in the mail it was literally the perfect size. I love the elaborate workmanship and weight of the watch. It has a presence when you wear it.
— Very good watch 👍🏻 Sporty yet easily goes to the office. The quality of Wishdoit is above and beyond. Highly recommend !
Jeff P.
— Great Piece. Totally enjoy wearing this piece. Wears well for work and play.
William W.
— Very impressive that customer service was awesome and attended to my query without any hesitation.


"WISHDOIT seeks to keep watches unique and fashion while still making a statement with their look."
— Watch fanatics: Cruise
"The watch they designed has an elevated coolness about it."
— Watch specialist: Anderson
"A freedom, yet eternal, elegance perfect for work or play."
— Interviewer: Brooke
"WISHDOIT requires meticulous and exquisite craftsmanship in every detail of watch making."
— Editor in Chief: Jordan
"Bold design meets styled Gothic art."
— Community Editor: Thomas