"WISHDOIT seeks to keep watches unique and fashion while still making a statement with their look."
— Watch fanatics: Cruise
"The watch they designed has an elevated coolness about it."
— Watch specialist: Anderson
"A freedom, yet eternal, elegance perfect for work or play."
— Interviewer: Brooke
"WISHDOIT requires meticulous and exquisite craftsmanship in every detail of watch making."
— Editor in Chief: Jordan
"Bold design meets styled Gothic art."
— Community Editor: Thomas

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Deon Hermiston
— Nice! At first glance, I felt amazing. The dial design of this watch is quite complicated and distinctive. The strap is also very soft to the touch. It fits the size of my wrist. The strap can be adjusted arbitrarily. My friends also like this watch. I highly recommend it. The seller’s service is also very good and reliable.
Customer reviews
Constance Effertz
— It is a great watch built with great craftsmanship, which has a unique look and have a special design. It will glow at night so that I can see the time clearly. As a man you must buy a good watch. By the way, I am honored to be a member of the internal beta experience product. It looks great! I love it!!! I want to buy one for my father.
Customer reviews
Mireya Collins
— Hi everyone. It is very good quality watches. Nice detailed and strong belt!!! The small second hand at nine o'clock rotates with the operation of the machine, which is incredible to me. The watch is also accurate. I just recommend !!!
Customer reviews
Andrew Simonis
— The watch has no defects, feels very quality and well made. The packaging was amazing as well. I can't say enough great things about this watch. I absolutely love it. I feel like it's me. Also the engineering is that of high-end watch. Ocean black holes watch gives me a kind of mystery and infinite power. I'am so excited and pleased with a watch.
Customer reviews
— I’m very happy to be a closed beta user of wishdoit's new watch. I am really excited to receive their first batch of watches. The first thing I got was the rose gold watch. I love this color. The description of the real object and the picture are the same, and it looks really good when I worn on my wrist. I plan to buy the silver one again. Thank you seller.  
Product story

Inspired by pirates

Inspired by the culture of Caribbean Pirates during the golden age of the 18th century, the Pirate Tonneau collection watches incorporate many pirate design elements. Different from the traditional round and square watches, this collection adopts the barrel-shaped element that is very typical in pirate culture as the unique case shape of the watch. The Pirate collection has launched 5 different watch styles.