Wishdoit was born out of the passion I have for diving-related activities.

Growing up, I have always been a diving enthusiast. The freedom, the mystery and the unique scenery the ocean gives to its admirers are some of those elements that give rise to my yearn of enjoying all of those experiences with the ocean. Dating back to 2009, my friend and I met to dive in the Negril. After putting all the diving gears in order, we started diving in the Negril. Ordinarily, my diving range lies between 5-7 meters even though I hope to break the barriers of my limitations as soon as possible.


I hopped into the sea together with my friend and was immediately fascinated by the beauty of the ocean world. We dived slowly to 5 meters depth to find more different scenery. My friend persuaded me not to take the risk of going beyond my 7 meters limit but I insisted on going deeper. When I dived to about 8 meters, I realized that my oxygen tank had little oxygen left in it. I became afraid and instantly want to return to the surface of the water, but I was unable to tell the direction due to the low visibility underwater.

It became difficult to breathe, my vision was blurred, and there was only the sound of aquatic animals swimming around, at this point, I felt endless despair. Eventually, I took off my oxygen cylinder and used my last strength to swim up thinking I was close to the surface without realizing there was still two or three meters away from the surface of the water. The scariest thing was that my legs had no more strength, and it all relied on my inner fighting spirit and the will to survive. While Swimming desperately to get to the surface of the sea with my hands. I don't know how long I struggled, and there was only a last consciousness left in me.


Suddenly, I felt that a hand-pulled me onto the boat. It turned out that my friend saved me. I'm glad I persisted and survived that difficult and scary situation. The experience of being on the edge of the cliff of death and surviving due to the desire for survival heightened the determination I have for my future goals. I decided not to give up regardless of the hardships or difficulties I come across, it is just a phase.

The story we tell

The ordeal I was exposed to with the sea made me believe that even in the face of difficulties and despair, we must face the situation bravely and keep fighting till we achieve our goal and not give up cowardly. It also reminded me of the pirates enjoying the unimagined scenery while sailing on the sea and also facing the unknown adventures at sea, but they are still brave enough to move forward, which stimulated my new inspiration.


In 2012, I decided to create my watch brand and named the brand WISHDOIT, which means that we can still hold on to hope and confidence in the face of unknown adventures, Face it bravely, keep on fighting it and walk forward. Our brand is to serve as a statement for all of our clients to know there is always a positive outcome in striving hard to survive any situation.

---The CEO of WISHDOIT Watches---

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