The dial design of this watch is inspired by the Viking Tomahawk, which is a weapon that commonly used by Vikings in battle. And the two large arcs on the surface of our watch are derived from the arc of the blade line on the battle axe. We know that the Viking battle axe is different from the ordinary axe. The blade line of its axe is an extended arc. Although it is short, it is very lethal. It can chop shields and armor. In other words, the energy it contains is infinite.

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

When it comes to Viking pirates, the horned helmets, shields and tomahawks they wore in battle were the first thing that we came to mind. These are all representative objects for them. Because its power is really great, whoever owns it can resist everything.

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

The bravery and fighting spirit of the Vikings is what we admire. They are not afraid when facing the enemy, and they go forward bravely with a battle axe. In their view, dying in battle is their most glorious moment. Besides, we designed this watch to hope that when facing the adversity of life, everyone can go forward bravely, break through themselves, break the rules of the world, and find their own world. It reminds me of what the famous tennis player Billie Jean King said: "Be bold. If you're going to make an error, make a doozy, and don't be afraid to hit the ball."

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

 Black: It represents the color just made by the battle axe, because there is not much technology to refine, so it presents the most primitive appearance.

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

Gold: it represents that they once had a glorious era, this is their indelible history.

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

Red: It represents their hard work and passion in making the Viking Tomahawk

For the Viking Tomahawk, this is the tool with the highest usage and penetration rate. It can not only be used in combat, but also can be used for shipbuilding and tree felling. On the other hand, it is their fetish and also their survival tool.

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

Anyway, this watch has a simpler design, lower-key and not eye-catching from a distance, but you can find many subtle details when you look up closing. This watch carries the historical story of the Vikings. Whether you like this watch or not, I think it is worth collecting.

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