Now we release the new product-Pirate collections of Tonneau watches that I personally researched and manufactured. I also hope that my watches can be liked by everyone. This is one of the reasons why I have always been able to continue to love researching watches. I will continue to release the new watches I made. The following is the timeline of my new watches.

OCT 2020.

I inspired by my son's Halloween pirate costume, we decided to design a pirate style watch.

DEC 2020.

The first watch design manuscript of the Pirate collection was completed. We named it Urca.


FEB 2021.

The manuscripts of 5 pirate style watches were completed.


Apr 2021. The first version of Urca sample. We were very excited, but at the same time we knew that it had many shortcomings, so we had made many major changes.

Jun 2021. The second version of Urca sample. We changed the materials of the case and strap and adopted new 316 steel mode technology to make the lines of the watch case more smooth and precise.

Jul 2021. The third version of Urca sample. It looks very close to what we imagined, but the details of the connection of each part and the texture of the case still need to be optimized. We decided to add 5 more manual polishing processes to make it more perfect.

Aug 2021. The fourth version of Urca sample. It looks very cool, and we can finally announce that it's able to meet with fans.

Now. Urca is accepting pre-orders. The current price is 329 US dollars, there are surprises for early pre-order.


SEP 2021.

Urca will be officially launched.


OCT 2021.

The remaining 4 styles of Pirate collection will gradually meet with you guys.


We pay attention to the ultimate details and hope to be perfect. Although every revision of a version will increase the cost by tens of thousands, we know that our customers expect us to do better. We will always stick to our goals: Exquisite products delivered at an unrivaled value.

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