As we all know, the inventor of the first watch should be Peter Henlein. Some people say that the watch Napoleon gave to Empress Josephine was the first watch in the world. In fact, this type of watch is a wrist watch, which can be worn on the wrist like a bracelet. The watch is also a kind of watch. But the earliest invention was Peter Henlein.


What kind of principle did he use to invent it?

In 1450 BC, in ancient Egypt, after people observed the rhythm of day and night, all countries around the world began to find ways to measure time, first the calendar, then the accuracy. Continuous improvement of various measuring instruments. In addition, in ancient Egypt, a sundial was used to determine the time of day. At this moment, people have a certain concept of time.


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During the period 1284-1292, people used pendulums, gears, and various devices made by governors to be mounted in clocks. This clock has appeared in community life as an important time to tell the time, but these clocks have no dials. But in 1291, Prince Asulid from Yemen created a new dial.


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After 1492, mechanical watches appeared in Italy, Germany and France at the same time. In 1505, in Nuremberg, Germany, Peter Henlein, a locksmith and watchmaker, who invented that the first watch in the world was actually a pocket watch. He built a clock tower for Lichtenau Castle in 1541. He was the builder of advanced astronomical instruments. After passing these things, he was known to everyone and well-known in the world. Before the advent of electronic watches in the 1970s, the working principle of mechanical watches has been used by posterity in the manufacture of mechanical watches for nearly five centuries.


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During the industrial revolution, the entire European watch industry developed more rapidly. In order to make it easier for people to wear, manufacturers made watches smaller, more accurate, and more exquisite, with higher quality and craftsmanship requirements. At the same time, watches have changed from simple time-watching functions to fashion and status objects. Nowadays, Swiss watches occupy a very important position in the entire industry.


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In the beginning, watches were worn by most aristocrats or upper-class people. With the development of the economy, people's purchasing power has increased. More and more people buy watches, and more people like to wear watches. From pocket watches that were just made, to mechanical watches, wristwatches, quartz watches, to smart watches now.

Nowadays, the replacement of watches are also very fast. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have made watches that are closer to people's lives. The niche, cutting-edge brand watches pursue high craftsmanship and quality, just like Wishdoit watches.

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