There are times of laughter and joy in life, and also full of challenges. In other words.These are also sources of trouble. Some people are troubled by mechanical work day after day. Whether facing life challenges or work pressures, everyone needs to face all these independently and optimistically, regardless of whether the results are good or bad. From the famous lines in Hamlet written by Shakespeare, said "To be or not to be". Of course, I choose to find more fun in life, and then to enjoy life and feel the happy by myself. There are many surprises in life worth exploring.

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I personally prefer to watch pirate movies and a series of books. In the world of pirates, the ocean often means danger and wealth. Every set sail is an adventure full of unknowns. Moreover, the pirates enjoyed the unimaginable scenery, fell into a desperate situation of nine deaths, and finally came to the end and obtained the so-called mysterious treasure in the world. Although no one has made it clear what the specific treasure is, I admire this kind of courage and fearlessness, and courage to move forward.


Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

The experience of the pirates on the sea is like a rare experience that modern people love. In a harmonious and orderly civilized society, everyone's survival and prosperity are guaranteed. Adventure is like a boat, everyone is playing their own role. And I am eager to pursue challenges, but in the face of the unknown, I am still a little scared, and it is difficult to step out of my comfort zone. Since I read about the culture of pirates, it has given me the courage to take risks. I am not stuck in the design of watches with a round case in the past. Now I have chosen to design a new case in the shape of a wine barrel. This is a new breakthrough for me. And this inspiration is also from related elements of pirates. On the other hand, every pirate watch I design is unique, with  pirate elements and the story it carries.

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Sometimes I go to the racing track to feel the speed and passion. Every breakthrough in speed affects my excitement, making me enthusiastic and full of vitality, just like a watch will store energy for a long time when it continues to move, and it will always keep forward.

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We can also choose to go mountain climbing, experience the beauty of nature, and get rid of worldly troubles. At this moment, you only need to enjoy your own  world, enrich your heart, and the psychic compass watch guides you to where you want to go.

Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

If you would like to stay away from the troubles in life, you can read more useful books, such as the Nobel Prize in Literature, Russell's works, Road to Happiness. A cup of coffee, a piece of light music, a book, the source of happiness is that simple. Turning off all the interruptions of the Internet and returning to the original life is a complete relaxation for myself. There is no doubt that most people in modern times suffer from mobile phone dependence, and are restless after five minutes without picking up their mobile phones. Hence, the happiness brought by mobile phones is short-lived.

Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

We are usually exposed to too many high-intensity stimuli, so that once we return to the monotonous reality, we will feel empty and lost. But in essence, it is these visual feasts that raise the threshold of excitement, make life seem boring, and produce an incessant addiction to mobile phones. It can not deny that to get rid of boredom and gain happiness, learning to enjoy the ordinary little happiness and looking for interesting things is the key. 

Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

Provided that there is no mobile phone in our lives, we can use a mechanical watch to record our beautiful moments. Its internal operation emits a crisp sound and every step of the automatic operation by mechanical principles. This is the trajectory of our good life. In my opinion, I hope everyone can have it and wear it on their hands to remind themselves to keep moving forward, take risks, and discover new surprises. The joy of life also comes from this. So, we need to discover the beauty in life to have an interesting soul.


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