The design principle of mechanical watches compared with quartz watches will be more unique, in order to prolong the life of the watch and the normal operation of the movement, how do we maintain the watch? There are several ways we can easily do this.

First and foremost, we should often wear watches, because this can ensure the continuous operation of mechanical watches. Generally speaking, the mechanical table inside the gear and escapement system needs to be played by the oil and swing arm movement to ensure uniform operation. On the contrary, the mechanical watch's time error is greater, but this is not a quality problem, but they did not pay attention to the maintenance of the watch.



In the second place, with the development of information and technology, there are more and more mobile phones and computers, electric shavers, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, chargers and so on are commonly used by us. Because many of the internal parts of the mechanical watch are made of steel or iron as a material. If frequent contact will cause damage to the internal parts of the mechanical watch, resulting in an impact on the watch time. 

For example, the mobile phone of iPhone whose back side will have a lot of magnetic force. If the mechanical watch touched the back of the phone will interfere with the normal time of the watch, the error will be 1 second a day, into 50 seconds a day. If you are concerned about the mechanical watch affected by the magnetic field, we can consider sending it to the watch shop for degaussing.


Nevertheless, we should avoid wearing a mechanical watch during strenuous exercise. According to the relevant investigation, basketball, football, badminton, golf, tennis and so on. These need to continue to swing the arms of sports, it is recommended not to wear mechanical watches. You can wear it if you're going to watch the sport. In fact, in the process of intense exercise, strong impact is easy to make the internal parts of the wrist watch dislocation or damage, so that the timing is not accurate. In addition, the sweat produced after intense exercise will corrode the apron in the watch, resulting in poor waterproof ability. So, if you want to wear it in sports, you can buy a corresponding sports watch with this function.


Above is the three ways to maintain the watch, there are three other methods, I will explain in the next chapter, thank you for your attention.

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