WISHDOIT  has launched its new GT Chrono Watches, a collection inspired by Racing. They had previously launched the Pirate Tonneau series, and the X-series, both of which saw worldwide success. With its new GT Chrono Series, the brand tries to grab the attention of sports lovers with intricate craftsmanship and a sturdy body built to last.

Hands-on: The GT Racing Edition Chrono-Wishdoit Watches

The design of this watch comes from the movie-Death Race. The racing car engraved on the back of the watch is a 2006 Ford Mustang GT V8 4.6L engine sports car. From the appearance of the watch, the dial adopts a dashboard with racing elements. Every racer races against the clock to move forward, even in the face of danger on the way, he can still solve it calmly and fearlessly. Schumacher said that as long as there is a desire in your heart, no matter how crazy, try to get close to it. Brave and decisive, never give up and keep moving forward is the soul of our GT Chrono collection.

The watch mirror is built using sapphire glass. The GT Chrono series watch adapts a Japanese multi-function Seiko movement, the serial number of which is VD53, the quartz watch comes with a Sony battery. The mechanical look of WISHDOIT  watches has always been its unique selling point, and the same has been kept intact in the GT Chrono series too.

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The GT Chrono Series is a premium high end quartz series owing to its unique features and the material used in building its body. The watch comes at a price of $229. However, the makers offer an instant 25% off ‘Early Bird’ discount, therefore the discounted price comes down to $169. The stock is limited to last only three days, so those who want to avail the discount, should hurry up to catch it.

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