We are excited to release our second line of Pirates Tonneau watches-Ocean Black Hole, just in time for Halloween. The pirate look is one of the most donned looks for Halloween parties and our new pirates watch would be the perfect accessory to complement the pirates vibe. Do you know the ocean black hole?  
When I get the  Ocean Black Hole watches, I'm so excited. From a new perspective, you will find a circle in the lower left corner – it represents the center of the black hole. On a closer look, you will see some lines area emanating from the circle. And then these lines represent the arc-shaped powerful waves that form around the ocean whirlpool.On the other hand, the concept of the Ocean Black Hole has been immortalized by “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” where there was this iconic scene of fighting in the very center of the ocean whirlpool. It is one of the sources of my design inspiration.
Wishdoit Watches Ocean Black Hole Pirates Watches 
Our watch straps are made of degradable fluorine rubber material, which is environmentally friendly and soft. You may not be able to see the difference by looking at the picture. But it fits snugly and comfortably on the hand. We also use machines to perform sandblasting and high-temperature electrolysis on the case, which can make the watch look very comfortable and have an advanced feel. It is important to prevent scratches and extend the life of the watch. In other words. It can save a lot of time for our daily maintenance of watches.
Another advantage is that our mechanical watches are all back-through. It is not only able to see every structure inside the watch, but can also hear the crisp sound of each part swinging when they are in operation.
Wishdoit Watches Ocean Black Hole Pirates Watches
Its diameter size is 42mm, according to the survey, the most suitable watch case index range is 4~5. If the length of your wrist arm circumference is 170 mm. According to the formula, it is 170/42=4.01. If the value is less than 4, the watch worn on the hand will be larger, which shows that the watch is not suitable for you. 
Wishdoit Watches Ocean Black Hole Pirates Watches
Actually, the Ocean Black Hole watch is prepared for Halloween. Because I like the bold lines in it. And the meaning it implies. its unique design represents each unique individual. It can not deny that every successful man has a good watch in his hand. Wearing a watch is a symbol of a man's maturity, and it will give people a sense of calmness. I hope every reader can like our watch. If you have idea and leave message to me.

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