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Pirate tonneau collection

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Inspired by the culture of Caribbean Pirates during the golden age of the 18th century, the Pirate collection watches incorporate many pirate design elements. Different from the traditional round and square watches, this collection adopts the barrel-shaped element that is very typical in pirate culture as the unique case shape of the watch. The Pirate collection already launches 5 different watch styles.

inspiration source---VIKING TOMAHAWK

Speaking of Viking pirates, the horned helmets, shields and tomahawks they wore in battle were the first thing that came to mind. The design inspiration of this watch's face is taken from the Viking tomahawk. Unlike ordinary axes, the Viking tomahawk is a double-sided axe, and the blade line of the axe is arc-shaped. The two large arcs on the face of this watch are derived from the arc-shaped blades on the tomahawk.

Compared with the other four watches in the Pirate collection, this watch has a simpler design, lower-key and not eye-catching from a distance, but you can find many subtle details when you look up close.

Transparent dial

Listening to the tick of the watch, you also see the mechanical gears are rotating in the dial.