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Looks great but …

The watch looks really nice but it keeps stopping and I have to re-adjust sometimes multiple times a day

Thank you very much for your feedback. Mike! According to the problem you mentioned, our team has sent you an email about the solution to the time of the watch, please check it. Please note: The mechanical watch can be automatically wound during the normal wearing process. It does not need to be manually wound. Generally, it needs to be manually wound when the watch has been placed for a long time. When the watch stops running, it needs to be wound manually. The broken mechanical shaft causes the crown to slip, which will never be wound, which means that the watch cannot be used normally

Good looking watch and quality material.

Strong, casual & elegant all in one at the same time.
I definitely recommend it.

Pirate | The X Series-Gold Watch
Edgardo C (United States)
Amazing Quality for Price

I bought two X series watches, one gold and one black, I gave the gold one to my friend, he likes it very much, and I am very happy, I plan to give a black one to my father on Father's Day, The quality is really good, 80 hours of energy storage, which is something I have never bought.

Thank you for your amazing feedback, Edgardo! We are delighted to know that you are impressed with the X watch. Enjoy it and we look forward to hearing from you again soon! :)

Pirate | Urca-Gold Watch
Freddy S (United States)
Great high quality product

Great high quality product with a comfortable feel that is unmatched


Beautiful! A true elegant, cool!

My new favorite watch company!

Absolutely love my watch! Was always afraid to purchase one because I didnt think I was that guy but turns out I am. Definitely goes with any outfit and look. Recommend it for sure.

Pirate | Urca-Silvery Red Watch
Jana P (United States)

Dont let the price fool you, these watches are first class. I really cant believe how beautiful and well made they are. The packaging is first rate and I also love the communication between the company and the customer. I own several high end watches (Omega, Hamilton, Breitling) and this one is right there with them, quality wise.

Pirate | Psychic Compass-Blue Watch
Brian D (United States)

Best watch I ever had so far, great quality, and affordable. great designs on all watches all of them having a different look within.

Thank you for your feedback, Earlene! We are delighted to know that you are receiving compliments with your new Compass watch. Enjoy it!

Pirate | The X Series-Gold Watch
Eldridge G (United Kingdom)

Looks amazing and feels expensive when worn. Would definitely buy another style again. Great customer service too. Can't wait to see what other styles they bring out!!!

Fabulous, I love it.

Fantastic !

Fantastic !

It was the gold face color that was unique and the face of the watch classic and sleek. It is a gift, but I am sure will be well received.

We appreciate your feedback, Nathaniel! We are glad to know that you found the watch that matches your style. Enjoy your new watch!

Very nice watch would recommend to anyone

Very nice watch would recommend to anyone

Gorgeous !

Gorgeous !

Very high quality and aesthetic look. Pleased with the purchase.

Greatly satisfied with the purchase, very aesthetic look and high quality materials.

Beautiful watch feels great wearing and I think it was a great deal for a great watch

Beautiful watch..comfortable to wear. Goes with everything!

Thank you for your amazing feedback, Mariam! We are delighted to know that you are impressed with the Altitude. Enjoy it and we look forward to hearing from you again soon! :)

This was for my boyfriend

This was for my boyfriend. It's a lovely watch unfortunately I bought it in a color he doesn't like (for a watch face that is). Of course he has not worn it yet but he liked it otherwise, very cool without being too flashy. Thanks, Wishdoit!

High Quality!

Love this strap! It fits my hand perfectly and the black is beautiful.

First nice watch my spouse ever had. It’s absolutely beautiful. Definitely will recommend. He is wearing this on our wedding day!

I love it it's amazing

Nice design.

Nice design.

A very handsome watch - love the neutral color and the style. It's classy and goes with everything!

Good stuff

So far so good, reasonable price, neat design, precise movement, it defined affordable luxury. Love it.

Thank you for your feedback, Aracely! We are delighted to know that you are receiving compliments with your new comapss silvery watch. Enjoy it!