Choosing a watch of the right size is actually quite important for you. Because of the right watch which can highlight personal temperament and personality. Many times we choose according to our own preferences and comfort level.
However, the size of the watch diameter is not suitable for the size of the wrist, so it is difficult to find a watch of the right size. Then how should we know whether the size of the watch diameter is suitable for us?

The simplest way to judge is that you can look at the width of the crown and the entire diameter of the watch. If their overall width exceeds the size of your wrist, it means that the watch is not suitable.

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Firstly, we should understand the specific values of the watch case. The watch case index refers to the ratio between the length of the arm circumference of the watch part and the diameter of the watch. Based on it, you can determine whether the size of the watch is suitable for your wrist.

According to the survey, the most suitable watch case index range is 4~5. If the length of your wrist arm circumference is 170 mm, a watch with a diameter of 36 mm to 42 mm is more suitable for wearing. According to the formula, it is  170/42=4.01 and 170/36=4.7. If the value is less than 4, the watch worn on the hand will be larger, and if it is greater than 5, the watch will be smaller. We can also observe from the appearance of the watch, a watch with a larger thickness will look larger and a thinner watch looks smaller.

Wishdoit Watches Tonneau Watches

We should also pay attention to that the strap of the watch should be slightly wider than the wrist and the curvature of the watch should be ergonomic to achieve a balance of the human body. In this way, you won't be strangling your hands when you wear it, and the size of the watch fits perfectly with the wrist.

 Therefore, we must fasten the watch firmly in front of the small bones of the wrist. Generally, we often wear the watch in the left hand position, and you can see the time as soon as the left hand is lifted, which gives people a sense of comfort and balance. It is necessary to choose a watch of the right size for yourself. If you have other methods or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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