Black Friday 2021 is just a couple of weeks away on Friday, November 26. While the day after Thanksgiving is typically the biggest holiday shopping event of the year, it's going to look a little different this year. Some retailers—including Best Buy and Walmart—have already started early Black Friday sales to combat supply chain shortages, raised shipping prices and expected shipping delays. 

If you want to avoid the chaos of Black Friday and sold-out products, there are some things we recommend buying beforehand.These are 5 products you might want to snag before November 26, according to our experts.

1. iPad
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While there are tons of tablets available these days, our experts at Reviewed still dub the iPad the best one you can buy. The 9th-gen iPad (which is already sold out on Amazon) and iPad Mini just came out this fall and, as expected, they're in high demand. Add to that the chip shortage and they're likely to sell out quickly this holiday season, so you may not want to wait until Black Friday to buy one.


2. Wristwatches
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Watches are one of the important accessories indispensable in life for men, just as women value bags. Every successful man has a good watch in his hand. Wearing a watch is a symbol of a man's maturity, and it will give people a sense of calmness. In other words, it also can make men more attractive and characteristic, whereby improving their taste, and adding new highlights to their lives. If you haven't selected your own watch yet, and you need to get it before it‘s sold out, click here to find your favorite watches.

2. Throw blankets
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Experts have predicted this winter will be colder and snowier than usual—so a cozy throw blanket is at the top of everyone's wishlists as we head into the holiday season. The celebrity-approved Barefoot Dreams throw (which Chrissy Teigen says she uses every day) sells out all the time and comes in both solid colors and on-trend animal prints. Or you can opt for a more budget-friendly pick, like this sherpa blanket from Amazon


Just like throw blankets, slippers are in high demand going into the very cold—and potentially very snowy—months ahead. Ugg slippers famously sell out whenever there's a big sale. Our experts dubbed the trendy Fluff Yeah as the best slipper you can buy, while the classic Scuffette is the highest-rated pick for women.

5. Winter gear
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Shovels, ice scrapers, space heaters, oh my! Now is the perfect time to buy all of your winter weather essentials before they sell out. Some of our recommendations? The best snow shovel we've ever used (thanks to its pickup ability and durable design) or the top-tested De'Longhi space heater that our experts found to be the most effective at warming up a room.

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