Columbus day in 2022 will be celebrated on Monday, October 10, as a federal holiday. Until the 18th century, several cities and states continued to celebrate it on their own unofficially. But then, in 1934, it has observed as a national holiday, and now people celebrate it as a federal one.

It is celebrated in the memory of Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas in 1492 during a voyage. The main reason behind this celebration is to honor Christopher Columbus’ voyages and achievements, the discovery of America, and the Italian-American heritage.

How to Celebrate Your Columbus Day

There are many ways to celebrate Columbus Day, so the following six must be on your to-do list if you want to enjoy it.  

Go To Parades, Enjoy Street Fairs & Wearing Colorful Clothes

Join the parade that the local bodies arrange to do some fun. Celebrating Columbus day by wearing colorful clothes and visiting the street fairs is the most enjoyable thing. It's a day to do outdoor fun, dining, and full of entertainment. Meet your friends, go for an outing and enjoy to its full.

Wear A Watch

With clothes, I think wearing something that physically pays tribute to Christopher Columbus and his voyages is a great idea. And for this, how can someone forget about the Gold Watches For Men?

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I love to wear the Wishdoit watches designed with a pirate theme with the adoption of their typical cultural barrel-shaped element that shows that Nothing is better than wearing a watch with a compass design, skeleton’s face, or ocean black hole theme-based watches. They pay tribute to ocean navigators' and voyage lovers' challenges, like storms, whirlpools, ocean animals, unwanted accidents, and weird circumstances. They have to face step by step death that stands before them.

Enjoy Music

This way is more lively, especially for those who want to enjoy every occasion or holiday with music. But there is a minor change in the scenario because listening to songs related to Christopher Columbus or voyages, inspirational and motivational songs, or patriotic ones is better.

Watch A Movie

How amazing is it to watch a movie, not any other but one on Christopher Columbus, to celebrate the day? Through this, you will have a good time with friends, and you can also learn some new facts about the discovery of your own country, the United States. It will be more interesting if your companions do not know anything about Christopher Columbus, then it will be a thrilling journey to watch his exciting voyages.

Read The Novel

If you are a retrophiliac, nothing is better than going to the library or purchasing a novel based on the life history or voyages of Christopher Columbus. Read his biography to gain more information about him, his expeditions, and how he was as a person. Moreover, you can also read about the Italian American culture and heritage and gain more interesting information.

Eat Italian Food

Though everyone loves Italian food, but the real fun is eating it on Columbus Day. The reason is simple he was an Italian explorer, and when he discovered America, he brought the Italian culture and heritage with him. So, Columbus day will become more exciting by remembering the Italian language and heritage and eating Italian food.


So, now you have a lot of things to do on Columbus Day as it will be here in a few days; buy a men’s watch with a pirate theme from Wishdoit, some colorful clothes, a biography book, a movie, and reserve dining in an outdoor Italian restaurant. 

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