Everyone thinks that watches are just for wearing on occasion or some are for regular use. They never think timepieces are needed for an active lifestyle, working at home, or traveling.

So, first, clear in your mind for what purpose you need a watch; for wearing regularly or for special occasions, workout or travel. Neither the watches are separate for these occasions, nor do they demand anything special from you. But despite all that, people categorize timepieces according to them.

Whichever watch you are going to select, do research before making up your mind. Though mechanical watches are more durable and of high quality than quartz ones, you should consider all such points before purchasing any one.

● Is the material fulfill the recommended standards?

● Is the material breathable?

● Can it withstand shocks?

● Is it allergen free?

● Is it waterproof?

● Does it possess any resistance?

● Is it durable?

● Is it reliable?

You have to figure out one that answers all such things positively.

Best Mechanical Watch (Active Lifestyle)

When it comes to finding a watch for an active lifestyle, who can deny the importance of a luxury watch? It is one with high-quality material and movement and made by a craftsman’s hands. Even athletes love to wear them as well.

I mostly prefer to buy two affordable mechanical watches of different styles from wishdoitwatches to switch between them whenever I need them because regular ones might get dirty due to daily use.

They are made of the best material; fluorine rubber, sapphire, mineral crystal, and stainless steel keep them from getting damaged.

They come with 5ATM water resistance, so accidentally taking them under a shower or in the pool wouldn’t do any damage. These Tonneau shape timepieces with Multilayer Skeleton Dial come with a self-winding feature. So, keep one on your wrist and let the magic happen.

Moreover, they have the capacity of 40 to 80 hours to reserve the energy for working in a still position without showing any significant rise and fall in seconds. They are lightweight, so wearing one while working out or during travel can’t put any pressure on your wrist.

Above all, affordability work as the most significant deal maker; a price under $500 is the best to get efficient, durable, and better-performing mechanical timepieces. The material they use in the manufacturing, the movement and dial they add, and the efforts they put into making it accurate make it worth buying; moreover, the other watchmakers offer similar types of watches for above $1000. In addition, you will always see a sale offer (most of the days of the year) to make sure that the ordinary person can also enjoy wearing classical and beautiful mechanical watches within budget.

chronograph watch : Shop chronograph watch for men | Wishdoit watches

Best Smart Watch (Working Out At Home)

You don’t need a mechanical or quartz watch to work out at home. Instead, you have to choose a smartwatch because these gadgets contain trackers and other mechanisms or technologies that bring great ease and help people exercise.

For such a particular function, I highly recommend Apple Watch, Garmin Vivoactive 4, and Fitbit Charge 5.

Best Quartz Watch (Travel)

Regarding travel, I would love to take the name of chronograph watches. However, the mechanical ones are also perfect for such a task, as they show your personality and choices, but they are not as efficient as quartz ones. Moreover, during air travel, mechanical ones are on the great verge of being affected by high magnetic fields in the airport, which affect the movements badly.

So, a quartz watch will be a great savior at such a point. The Wishdoit battery-powered watches come with racing car elements, showing the association with the racing car; that’s why they named it GT-Chrono. This Tonneau shape watches with stainless steel case has Mineral Crystal Glass and a Fluorine Rubber band, thus a great combination that offers durability, lightness, perfection, and resistance against allergies, UV radiations, oxidation, and sweat.

While traveling, you will not see any difference in the time because the manufacturers use the famous Seiko movement for such watches so that they can bear the magnetic field mostly and get less affected.


Though you get the idea of the best watches for an active lifestyle, working out at home or traveling, choose wisely depending upon your needs.


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— Fauzi