People consider that straps and bands of watches are unimportant; the case’s shape and material matter the most. However, it is not true; even in some circumstances, people’s preferences change with the strap material. 

The market has many options regarding the watch strap material, some like leather ones, and some think that Stainless steel, Titanium, and many others fit best with Mechanical Watches

But I have found some fantastic benefits of rubber straps, especially fluorine rubber straps. Let’s read about it, along with two best watch recommendations with fluorine rubber straps. 

  • It is a synthetic rubber and is better than natural or ordinary one for use as strap material.
  • These fluorine rubber straps are of great density but simultaneously soft in touch. Thus, they don’t cause any irritation while resting on your wrist. 
  • This material offers excellent resistance against oxidation, fuels, acids, sweat, and corrosion. 
  • These watches are easy to clean; just wash them with water, not chemicals. Moreover, if it gets rusty, don’t worry; it will be gone after washing. 
  • Fluorine rubber strap material is affordable and durable compared to other materials, so you don’t need to change it often. 
  • Fluorine rubber straps can stand hard weather conditions, resist UV radiation, are breathable, and thus, are best to wear in any season.
  • This material is water resistant, so if you take them in water like in a shower, rain, or swimming accidentally or knowingly, it doesn’t cause any damage. 
  • Fluorine rubber straps are better electrical insulators, so they don’t conduct electricity and are safe to wear. 
  • This material is durable enough to keep accompanying you for a lifetime. Just keep it clean and maintain your watch’s internal structure; it will last for decades and become an heirloom.  

Best Watches With Rubber Straps

After reading about so many benefits of fluorine rubber straps, mentioning the best watches, which are top-level in terms of quality and affordable in addition, is necessary; otherwise, no one can consider it wise. Here are the two best watches with fluorine rubber straps. 

Best Quartz Watch 

Most quartz watches have leather or stainless steel straps, but the new ones in the market, like the wishdoitwatches, have a fluorine rubber strap. These are not simple quartz but chronograph watches, a great combination of quality and durability in material and classic and contemporary in design. 

These tonneau-shaped GT racing chronograph watches have a car engraved on their back case, which shows their association with the Death Speed movie.

These watches contain multi-function high-efficiency Japanese Seiko movements, thus giving the most accurate time among its competitors. 

The addition of the Sony battery saves the wearer from replacing it after every 6 months because these batteries are highly stable and durable and can work for up to 3 years. 

The case is made of sapphire glass, so keep the watch from undue damage or scratches and enhance its lifetime. Moreover, with all these features, the price is also similar to any ordinary but quality watch. 

Best Mechanical Watch

When it comes to mechanical watches, the wishdoitwatches have many designs that symbolize different things. But overall, their watches are a kind of tribute to the spirits and struggles of Caribbean sea pirates. 

All the watches have sapphire crystal glass and fluorine rubbers straps; thus, no need to worry about their durability, as the material can stand against scratches and breakage. 

Self-winding is the ultimate feature, which reduces your workload because when the watch is on your wrist, it keeps working and even saves energy for 80 hours of work in a still position. 

They also have 5 ATM pressure, meaning these watches can withstand 50 meters and go 164 ft underwater. So accidental splashes and pool visits can’t do any damage to your automatic watch.

I hope this article has helped you to know the benefits of fluorine rubber straps for watches. The watches mentioned above are excellent in quality, durability, and looks. They will become a great companion for you for a lifetime.


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