People think quartz watches are the only solution to everyday wearing because they are simple in design and efficient at work. But what for those who need a stylish thing with a classic look that makes their personalities more attractive? Indeed, it will be luxury watches

Are luxury watches budget-friendly? This issue persists as many companies make these watches that are out of an ordinary man's budget. But wishdoitwatches solve this problem because its luxury watches are affordable, even come in less than $500. Let's check their 5 best everyday watches under $500. 

Top 5 Best Everyday Watch Under $500

I have given the best 5 mechanical watches, which are pocket-friendly and look stunning on your wrist. 

The Armor Watch

For those who want something on their wrist that symbolizes perseverance and bravery, this wishdoitwatches mechanical watch is perfect to be part of your next shopping list. 

This watch contains an exquisitely handcrafted dial composed of more than 10 parts. The manufacturers spent 12 hours of work on each dial because the craft man carved, polished, and painted the dial's part by hand. This is wishdoitwatches' best mechanical watch. 

The Runway Watch

The Runway watch is a true powerhouse, with infinite power and a sleek, racing-inspired design. It's a perpetual motion machine of time that doesn't need batteries or winding. The turquoise luminous night light adds a touch of class to this modern masterpiece. Trust me; this watch is built to impress and make a statement. It's got substance, history, and style that will turn heads and keep you on time.

Captain Kidd Watch

By paying tribute to Captain William Kidd's courageous spirit and heroic deeds, wishdoitwatches add a double-row paddle design to this watch. This design symbolizes the oars which help Kidd in rowing and escaping from danger. This accurate mechanical watch is excellent while wearing, extraordinarily comfortable and stylish. 

X-Series Watch

Focusing on infinite power, the unknown, and self-discovery, these X-watches are the epitome of beauty, classic and traditional combo, and style. This mechanical watch gives a different look when seen from different angles, which makes it unique among others. 

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Psychic Compass Pirate Watch

This watch performs two functions one is telling the accurate time, and the other is the live compass. Manufacturers are inspired by the fetish compass of the Pirates of the Caribbean sea; that's why they add a small compass inside the watch at 9 o'clock, which acts as a second dial. It isn't merely a design; the compass is actually working and rotating and telling you the direction. This thing makes these watches stand out among others. 

Some Common Features Of Wishdoitwatches' Mechanical Watches

I have discussed the unique features of the top 5 watches above, but here are some standard features that these watches contain. 

These timepieces are in Tonneau shape, which makes them cool and stylish. Instead of circular shapes like other watches, they look stylish on wrists and provide more comfort in everyday wear. 

These automatic watches work on a self-winding mechanism, so while resting on your wrist, they don't need any kind of winding; the movement of your hand is enough to make them work. Moreover, these watches have impressive energy reservoirs that make them work even at rest positions for 80 hours; what a great thing. 

These watches have stainless steel case material with sapphire crystal glass, which makes them durable as they prevent the watch from breaking if you accidentally make it fall. Even a hit by something hard, the material doesn't get scratched. 

These timepieces have fluorine rubber strips which are considered a high-quality material. They protect your skin and don't cause any issues while everyday wearing. It offers resistance against sweat, corrosion, moisture, and harmful ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, as this material is breathable, it is easy to wear in the summer. 

Wishdoitwatches watches also come with 5ATM, which means they can resist water splashes. If you accidentally take them in the rain, shower, or even make them fall in the pool, the chances of malfunctioning are lowers, close to zero. 

And the most important thing is the price; above mentioned features make a watch highly expensive; still, wishdoitwatches keep the price below $500 without lowering the quality. 


These are the top 5 best everyday watch under $500. Wear them, and you will feel what a significant change these mechanical watches will bring to your style and looks, in addition to telling time with ease. 

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