Every pirate has his legendary adventure story. Whether it is an accident or death in the course of battle, they will pursue freedom and explore the treasures of this ocean legend at all costs. In fact, this requires a lot of courage and courage. Bravery and wisdom are essential qualities. Bartholomew Roberts was born on May 17, 1682, named John Roberts. Who was a well-known Welsh pirate and the most successful pirate in the golden age of pirates.


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Roberts originally worked on merchant ships, and his fleet was mainly slave trade. In 1719, Roberts' fleet was looted by the pirate Davis, and Roberts joined Davis' pirate team because both Roberts and Davis were Welsh. Together with Roberts' savvy talents, Roberts soon became Davis's right and left hand, but shortly after Roberts joined the group, Davis was killed in the Gulf of Guinea in Africa. Fortunately, Roberts survived. At this time, he was elected as the captain to lead the pirate team on the voyage.

Roberts' first act as captain was to lead the crew back to Príncipe to avenge the death of Captain Davis. Then along the coast of Africa all the way south, and then to rob the fleet of merchant ships into the Caribbean, sailing north to Newfoundland, looting those fleets that cross the North Atlantic.During July, Roberts captured nine or ten French ships and commandeered one of them, fitting her with 26 cannons and changing her name to Good Fortune. With this more powerful ship, the pirates captured many more vessels before heading south for the West Indies, accompanied by Montigny la Palisse's sloop, which had rejoined them.

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 In September, Good Fortune was careened and repaired at the island of Carriacou before being renamed Royal Fortune, the first of several ships to be given this name by Roberts, and he raided ships off the Americas and the West African coast between 1719 and 1722. In just 4 years, more than 400 ships were looted.

The combination of bravery and success that marked this adventure cemented most of the crew's loyalty to Roberts. They concluded that he was "pistol proof" and that they had much to gain by staying with him. he is also noted for creating his own Pirate Code, and adopting an early variant of the Skull and Crossbones flag.

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Unfortunately,  some sources claim Ogle spotted Roberts' ships and turned Swallow as a ruse. On the other hand, the pirates' plan was to sail past Swallow, which meant exposing themselves to one broadside. Once past, they would have a good chance of escaping. However, the helmsman failed to keep Royal Fortune on the right course, and Swallow was able to approach to deliver a second broadside. Captain Roberts was killed by grapeshot, which struck him in the throat while he stood on the deck. Before his body could be captured by Ogle, Roberts's wish to be buried at sea with all his arms and ornaments on (a request he had repeated in life) was fulfilled by his crew, who weighed his body down and threw it overboard after wrapping it in his ship's sail. It was never found.


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Roberts's death shocked the pirate world, as well as the Royal Navy. The local merchants and civilians had thought him invincible, and some considered him a hero. Even if he died, his legendary story still circulates in the world.


Especially, Roberts broke the image of ordinary people as pirates. Roberts is a good-natured gentleman. He has a handsome appearance. He often wears a noble red vest and breeches, a hat with red feathers, two muskets in his waist, and a sword. In addition, Roberts does not have a habit of gambling and alcoholism, but likes to taste tea. Moreover, he is a devout Christian, and he will go to church on time, and he will persuade the crew on the ship to believe in Christianity together.


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One of several flags Roberts flew, as described in the Boston Gazette, 22nd August 1720 as "a Black Flag with Death's head and a cutlass in it". It is a legendary figure worthy of being commemorated by everyone. Our watch also inspired me to design this pirates watch because of the elements in the pirate culture. 


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