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tonneau Mechanical Watch FAQ

1.How to wind a mechanical watch?

There are two types of mechanical watches: manual-winding watches and self-winding watches. All of our watches are self-winding watches, also known as automatic mechanical watches. Under normal circumstances, a watch that is moving does not require additional manual winding. When the watch is not worn for a period of time, the watch will stop moving. At this time, it takes about 20 turns of manual winding. Please do not overwind the watch to avoid damage to the watch. Here is Instruction Manual.

2.What is an automatic mechanical watch?

An automatic mechanical watch is a self-winding watch. It's called an automatic or self-winding watch because it doesn't require a battery and is powered by an oscillating weight on the back of its movement. When you wear it, the oscillating weight will oscillate due to your movement, thereby automatically winding. Automatic movement watches represent the highest level of craftsmanship in the watchmaking industry, because the coin-sized movement contains thousands of complex parts that need to work together precisely to achieve the automatic function of the watch.

3.How does automatic mechanical watch work?

Automatic mechanical watches are also known as automatic winding watches. A self-winding watch movement has a mechanism which winds the mainspring using the natural motions of the wearer's body. The watch contains an oscillating weight that turns on a pivot. When you wear it, the oscillating weight will oscillate due to your movement, thereby automatically winding. As long as you move, the watch will never stop.

4.What is tonneau shaped watch?

A Tonneau watch means a watch with a barrel-shaped case. Different from traditional round or square cases, Wishdoit Watches exclusively designs tonneau watch for men.

5.Will my automatic watch stop working if I don't wear it?

If not worn, the automatic watch can keep ticking for about 40 hours if fully wound. After this duration, it may stop. To activate it, just wear it again and the watch is ready to go. But in this case, we recommend winding 20 turns by hand, which can make the watch build the power reserve quickly.

6. Does my mechanical watch luminous at night?

Yes, The watch's luminous maintenance time is irradiated with bright light for half an hour, allowing the luminescent material within to absorb enough light energy to allow you to see the time clearly in the dark.

7. Can a mechanical watch touch hot water?

This is absolutely impossible. If you touch hot water, the movement inside will be damaged, and a lot of fog and condensation will be generated.

8. Does an automatic mechanical watch have to be wound?

When you get the watch, you must first wind it 20 to 30 laps to keep it running and running all day. If an automatic watch is worn every day and subject to an average amount of hand motion, it will not need to also be wound manually. However, if you are preparing an automatic watch to be worn again after it has been left in storage for some time, simply shaking and setting it will not suffice. We therefore recommend that you wind the crown of your automatic wristwatch several times to support power supply before wearing it again.

9. What scene is this tonneau watch suitable for?

It can be suitable for banquet or casual scenes, this tonneau mechanical watch is very distinctive and carries its manufacturing inspiration. It's very valuable to wear it wherever you like

Men’s Watches: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

When it comes to celebrating Father’s Day, finding the perfect gift that truly expresses your appreciation can be challenging. One timeless and thoughtful option is a quality men's watch. A well-chosen timepiece is more than just a practical accessory; it's a symbol of the precious moments you've shared and the many more to come. Whether your father prefers classic elegance or modern sophistication, a watch is a gift that will make him feel cherished and stylish every day.

Timeless Gifts for Every Dad

When selecting a watch for your father, consider his lifestyle and personal style. Is he more inclined towards casual watches or a more formal, elegant piece? If the answer is both, we have a range of versatile timepieces that suit any occasion. Our collection features vintage-inspired classic watches for those who appreciate timeless style and modern designs for dads who like to stay on-trend. No matter his preference, we have the perfect watch to match his personality and needs.

Casual and Versatile:
For the dad who enjoys a laid-back style, a leather strap watch is an excellent choice. Leather watches have been beloved for their versatility and classic appeal. They can be dressed up for special occasions or worn daily with jeans and a t-shirt. Our collection also includes stainless steel watches that offer a sleek, polished look while remaining versatile enough for casual wear. These watches, whether with a link bracelet or mesh strap, add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Durable and Sporty:
If your father leads an active lifestyle, consider a durable silicone watch. These watches are built to withstand the rigors of a busy schedule, from workouts to weekend adventures. They are some of the coolest men's watches that can handle anything life throws at him, ensuring he stays on time and in style.

Choosing the Right Watch Movement

Selecting the right watch movement is crucial to finding a timepiece that suits your father’s needs. Our collection includes a variety of movement types to cater to different preferences.

Chronograph Movement:
For dads who value functionality, a chronograph watch is a perfect choice. These watches feature multiple dials that track more than just the hour, including minute stopwatches and split-second timers, making them ideal for precise timekeeping.

Automatic Movement:
If your father appreciates the intricate mechanics of a watch, an automatic watch with a skeleton dial is a standout option. These watches display the intricate gears and offer a unique, eye-catching design that showcases expert craftsmanship.

Three-Hand Movement:
For a classic and minimalist look, a three-hand movement watch is ideal. These watches are designed for simplicity and elegance, offering a timeless appeal that never goes out of style.

Digital Displays:
For the modern dad who enjoys the latest technology, our digital watches combine contemporary design with advanced features. These watches are perfect for staying current and connected.

A Gift He’ll Cherish Forever

Once you’ve chosen the perfect watch, consider how he will wear it. Many people wonder, “which wrist should men wear watches on?” Traditionally, the non-dominant hand is preferred – usually the left wrist. However, comfort and personal preference are key, and our watches are designed to be worn on either wrist with ease.

This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that symbolizes the time you’ve shared and the future moments to come. A watch from our collection is more than just a timepiece; it’s a heartfelt reminder of your appreciation and love. Explore our range of men’s watches and find the perfect gift to make this Father’s Day unforgettable.


Celebrate the special man in your life with a gift that combines style, functionality, and sentiment. A watch from our collection is a timeless present that he’ll treasure for years to come. Make this Father’s Day memorable by giving your dad a watch that reflects his unique style and the wonderful memories you share. Browse our collection today and find the perfect timepiece to honor your father.

Nice Watches for Men in Every Style

When shopping for men's watches, it's essential to envision where and when you plan to wear your new piece. Are you in need of casual watches for men or a more formal, sophisticated watch? If the answer is “both,” rest assured – we offer plenty of versatile timepieces that can meet all your needs. As you consider the settings in which you’ll wear your new watch, it's also wise to refine your preferred style. Our vintage-inspired collection of men’s classic watches is perfect for those with timeless tastes. If you’re aiming for a more modern look, we have cool men’s watches that embody the latest trends. Once you have a general idea of the style you're aiming for, it’s time to select a wristwatch in the material and movement that best suits your needs.

The material of a men's fashion watch significantly impacts the overall aesthetic of an outfit. For an everyday watch, a leather strap is an excellent choice. Leather styles have been a staple for over a century, embodying the essence of a classic men's watch. They can be dressed up with a fancier outfit or paired with jeans for a more casual look. Another versatile option from our collection is a stainless steel watch. While often worn as upscale, elegant timepieces, metal watches can also be styled with a relaxed t-shirt for a contemporary, on-trend appearance. Available in both link bracelet and mesh strap designs, these watches never look out of place. For a more demanding schedule, we offer durable wristwatches in silicone materials. Whether you're running to the airport, heading to the gym, or tackling a busy day, these are some of the coolest men's watches that can handle anything on your to-do list.

Beyond material, movement is a crucial consideration when selecting a wristwatch. Our men's fashion watch collection features a versatile array of movement types. If functionality is a top priority, a chronograph movement is an excellent choice, offering multiple dials to track more than just the hour. Our chronograph watches include subdials for minute stopwatches, split-second timers, and other precise time measurements. For those who believe that function equals fashion, an automatic men's watch is a striking option. With a skeleton dial showcasing intricate gears, these cool watches are eye-catching and have been popular for decades. If you’re in search of classic men's watches that remain exciting, consider a three-hand movement – a hallmark of minimalist watches often found in our collection. While vintage-inspired designs are our forte, we also excel in bolder, modern styles. Our current lineup includes cool men's watches with digital displays. With such a wide range of styles, there’s something for everyone. Now that you’ve considered the material and movement your wardrobe needs, you’re ready to choose from our selection of men's wristwatches.

Men’s Classic Fashion Watches, Worn Your Way

After selecting your men's fashion watch, the final decision is how to style it. Many wonder, “which side do men wear watches on?” The truth is, you can wear your watch on whichever wrist feels most comfortable for you. Our watches are designed to be functional and comfortable on either wrist. Traditionally, the non-dominant hand, often the left, is used. However, if you’re left-handed, wearing your watch on the right wrist is perfectly acceptable. Simply fasten your new watch, step into your most confidence-boosting outfit, and you’ll be ready to take on the day. Whatever your personal style and however you choose to wear it, elevate your look by exploring our collection of men's watches today.