Uhrenarmband | Schwarz 21cm

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Dieses austauschbare Armband ist für die Serien X-Serie, Captain Kidd, GT Chrono, Skeleton Hourglass, Armor & Runway & Full Speed ​​& F-150 geeignet.

Ein Satz Riemen enthält einen Schraubendreher . Bitte kaufen Sie ihn nicht separat


Bandbreite: 25 mm (0,98 Zoll)
Bandlänge: 21 cm (8,26 Zoll)
Bandmaterial: Fluorkautschuk
Maximaler Handgelenkumfang: 8,5 Zoll

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lee (Malaysia)
Value for money

The watch quality is good and beautiful design. suitable for daily used.

Great to hear that, Lee! Thank you for the feedback. :)

Anonymous (United Kingdom)
Give this brand a try

Wasn’t sure what to expect as had never heard of this brand As an owner of a lot of high end watches This sits very nicely with those even though a small fraction of the price

We appreciate your feedback, charles! Enjoy your new Captain Kidd watch

สมพงษ์ โ. (Thailand)

I like it orange rubber strap
Good Design