The WWG Haute Horlogerie Fair has undergone significant changes in the past four years. Due to the pandemic, the Geneva Watch Fair SIHH was transformed into W&W in 2020 and was suspended. Instead, it was held twice in China before resuming in Geneva last year. This year, the fair underwent a major transformation, with Patek Philippe and Rolex joining as organizers, resulting in the merging of the Geneva Watch Fair and the Basel Watch Fair, becoming the "Watches and Wonders Geneva."

Exploring the Latest Trends and Changes at Watches and Miracles Geneva Watch Fair 2023

The new layout of the exhibition is evident upon arrival. Hall 1 houses the original SIHH Richemont Group, while Hall 2 showcases some "backbone" brands from the original Basel Watch Fair. The new area, located in the middle corridor connecting the two halls, includes a lecture hall, a press center, a laboratory, and an independent watchmaker brand that has garnered much attention.

In terms of trends, this year's fair introduced new colors, materials, sizes, functions, and overall design concepts. The so-called trends are not related to fashion, as opinions on their appeal may vary.

One notable trend is the introduction of the "salmon color" to high-end watches, which many brands have now adopted. Green, which has been popular in recent years, continues to be prevalent. Blue has also made a comeback, but with varying shades and color changes, such as blue-green, blue-pink, and blue-green decorated with fluorescent elements, resulting in a more diverse blue.

Exploring the Latest Trends and Changes at Watches and Miracles Geneva Watch Fair 2023

Titanium has become a widely used material in addition to the traditional stainless steel. This year, many brands have launched watches using grade 5 titanium, which has become a main material.

In terms of size, the main trend is to go "small," with 36 and 38 models being particularly popular this year. These sizes were previously associated with women's watches but are now prevalent in men's watches.

Sports watches continue to be popular, leading to an increase in the timing function of chronographs and flight series with chronograph dials becoming a trend this year.

The overall design is also undergoing a rejuvenation trend to attract younger consumers. The use of lively designs, cute elements, rich colors, lightweight materials, and sporty styles are concrete manifestations of getting closer to young people. This marketing strategy is aimed at encouraging young consumers and passing on the tradition of watchmaking to the next generation.


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