There are some accidental factors: such as, forgot to go up, after dialing the needle forgot to push the handle head, or in the process of using by accidental vibration to spring hang, or a part stuck will cause shutdown, but then it can be restored to normal in time.

The above is a normal problem, but if there is a frequent shutdown, it needs to be checked and repaired.
Automatic watch stop: increase the number of arm swing
The new watch was worn for ten days and stopped twice "basically not a performance problem, otherwise it would stop every day. The most likely is to wear a table when the activity is not enough, the arm swing is less, so that the power of the watch is insufficient. Nowadays, hand winding (chord) has become equipped with automatic watch, besides, it will lead to the length of the watch travel time is not enough, which often stops the watch and travel time accuracy.
In order to know the automatic watch, it is not as we imagine and understand the absolute "automatic". Therefore, the automatic watch is really better to call it "arm swing type auxiliary winding device", perhaps this is more appropriate.
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Processing method: automatic watch a set of automatic winding mechanism, through the arm swing for the watch winding. In addition to a few Japanese watches, automatic watches can be used to wind by hand, hand winding is used to make up for the lack of automatic winding, or wear a lack of exercise.


Eccentric earthquake phenomenon: the pile in the rolling circle is adjusted.

Severe "shock" phenomenon that may also cause the watch to stop. Because of too little shellac or improper bonding position, when the watch was shocked, it may lead to the disc nail fall off. The disc nail is usually fixed in the corresponding hole of the double disc with shellac. In fact, the reason for the watch shutdown is not more from the balance of the spring system on the failure, yet the balance of the spring system special failure can still lead to the complete stop of the watch. When the partial shock phenomenon is severe, which may cause the watch can not walk up and even shutdown.

Wishdoit Watches Tonneau Watches

Treatment: no flow outside the pile ring structure of the watch, together with the balance spring will be placed splint removed, with a small screwdriver, stretched to the spring pile at the elastic slot, rolling round pile to adjust.
When the balance spring system in the balance position, the disc nail is not in the center of the balance axis and the escapement fork axis on the Central Line, there will be a partial seismic phenomenon. Once the disc nail falls off, it can not add energy to the balance spring system. After the spring spring, the watch stops going.

Processing method: when adjusting, we should pay attention to the direction of rolling, Angle and other related problems. The gap can be reduced by adjusting the limit nail so that it is smaller than the full lock value.

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