We have to choose the right watch, according to their own preferences and habits. Of course, we also want to have good quality watches, and there are several minefields to avoid when choosing a purchase.

Is the thinner the better?

In fact, the thickness of the watch cannot determine the quality of the watch. Although many famous watches have thinner dials, it is because of their high cost and difficult craftsmanship. The value of a watch is more than tens of thousands. But there are more for daily maintenance. Sometimes if you accidentally bump into the watch, the parts inside are easily broken or damaged, because the dial is too thin, and all the parts inside must be very small. Maintenance costs are too high for some ordinary buyers. And some people prefer thicker watches, they think this watch is very textured and more comfortable to wear. This also depends on everyone's preferences and habits.


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The thickness of the watch does not mean that the quality of the watch is not good. In order to meet the needs of customers, some merchants make their favorite and suitable watches according to their suitable sizes. Therefore, we often study and polish the watch, polishing the watch to a certain thickness and the internal parts inside are not easily damaged. Besides, the daily maintenance is relatively simple, and the life of the watch is longer.

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Therefore, we can't judge the quality of the watch from the thickness of the watch. Many of them depend on personal preference and habit of wearing the watch, and some are also related to the design concept of the business. We should consider which type of watch is more suitable for us from many aspects.

Choose a famous brand of watches have quality assurance ? 

Nowadays, there are more and more watches of niche brands. Well-known brands of watches are still very popular. Why do people prefer well-known brand watches? Is it because of their quality is better than that of niche brands? There is no doubt about their quality. But it does not mean that the quality of niche brands is poor. There are many niche brands of watches whose quality is no less than that of well-known brands.

Mens Luxury tonneau mechanical Watch | Wishdoit Watches

They also dared to push the watches to customers after they have passed the development, processing and testing of strict strata. The price comparison of watches is also relatively good. The WISHDOIT brand is also a niche brand, but I think the quality and appearance of the watch of this merchant are comparable, and it is a niche brand that can be trusted.


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