Many watch lovers like to use sapphire material to make the watch mirror. Its hardness reaches Mohs level 9. It has good optical transparency, low friction and high temperature resistance. Compared with crystal glass mirror and synthetic glass mirror, it is more Abrasion resistance. But many people can't distinguish what kind of sapphire lens is. Today I will familiarize you with the real sapphire lens.

What is the sapphire glass?

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The sapphire mirror is also called the sapphire crystal glass. Sapphire is a kind of natural diamond, which has high resistance to wear and corrosion after being synthesized with alumina. The only disadvantage is that it is as easy to break as glass, so it is generally used for watch mirrors and see-through back covers. The cost of watches made with such materials is also very high. Because the synthetic sapphire is made into a row of mirrors, and then cut and polished with a machine, one of them is not accurately polished and a lot of material will be lost. Therefore, it usually takes a lot of time to make a complete and suitable sapphire crystal, which is one of the reasons for its high cost.

The way of distinguishing sapphire glass.

Firstly, we can prepare some water and then take some water droplets and place it on the mirror surface of the watch. If the droplet does not disperse quickly but slips off slowly, it means that it is a sapphire crystal.

Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

The surface mirror of the iPhone 11 camera is made of sapphire material. We can see that the water droplet can stay on top and not spread. and the mirror of the quartz watch on the right is made of mineral crystal glass, and the water droplets on it are scattered.

Secondly, we can also touch our watch mirror with our face, because the skin on our face is more sensitive and the heat conduction effect of sapphire is also very good. If there is that cold feeling when touched, then this is a sapphire crystal. 

Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

Thirdly, we can breathe. If you breathe on its surface, its mist will disperse quickly without staying on the mirror surface. Which is the characteristic of the sapphire crystal.

Have you learned these methods of distinction? The mirror of the following watch is also made of sapphire material,you can click here to learn more.


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