The mystery of the whirlpool has made countless people explore the edge of death at all costs in order to explore the mystery. Now, I have never heard of that warrior who can survive the whirlpool. The power of the whirlpool when it rotates is infinite, and the energy of nature makes people afraid and curious. This kind of continuous energy from nature is untouchable.

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The source of our watch design comes from the vortex of infinite power in the sea.The power of this natural force prompted us to create this watch named Ocean Black Hole. If you look closely, you will see lines emanating from the center of the circle. However, these lines converge to form an ocean vortex that people are afraid of. Its energy is unpredictable. The ocean black hole watch represents mystery and infinite power.

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Among the many adventurers, there is a character I have always respected and admired. He is  Jacob Cockle. He likes to take risks. Even if his life is in danger, he still dares to challenge the impossible and break through the goals that others cannot achieve.

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People said that Jacob Cockle lived in the sea. The water was his natural element; he loved surfing it and filming it, and he was carving a career photographing it. But Jacob also lived on the edge.

Aged 28, he was on the cusp of achieving his dreams. 

The vortex in Hayle harbour only appeared a few times a year.

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Water would be stored in a pool at high tide and, once the tide had retreated, released back into the harbour to wash away the sand. But once every spring tide the sea would come back in faster than the water could pass through the tunnel, Which would create the whirlpool.

The swift-swirling vortex appealed to Jacob's adventurous spirit and enticed him in. Ignoring the warning signs placed around the sluice, he would swim with the whirlpool and film it.

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Jacob posted the videos on YouTube where they were watched millions of times, making him hundreds of pounds. The videos are beautiful and hypnotic. They are also terrifying.

Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

It was 28 May 2013 when the whirlpool returned.

Artist David Raine, who had collaborated with Jacob in the past, was in his living room when he saw his friend running towards the house.

Jacob was excited, already wearing his wetsuit and clutching his camera. David agreed to film him as he swam around the whirlpool. By the time he reached the harbour, Jacob was already in the water.

He was wearing a rubber horse’s head, a prop he thought would make the video more eyecatching on YouTube.

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Jacob had already shot a lot of footage but while the whirlpool was there he wanted to make the most of it.

David filmed from the quay as a whooping Jacob swirled around the whirlpool's edge. He let the whirlpool carry him around again. It caught Jacob, tugging him down. And asked David to pass him a GoPro camera attached to a short pole.

Wishdoit Watches customers review photos

Jacob dived down and did not reappear. David began to worry, ran across to the other end of the quay where the tunnel the whirlpool funneled into flowed into a pool. and found that Jacob was floating in the water, face down. He knew it is too late. We cannot predict what will happen in the next second.

Whether dancing at all-night raves, surfing impossible waves or exploring crystal-filled caves, Jacob attacked life full throttle.

Here to pay tribute to his adventurous spirit. I don't think he will regret exploring everything he wants.

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