Do you know the origin of our name? Many people have come to ask why it is called Captain Kidd. I want to say that it is to pay tribute to the captain who has passed away. We admire his brave spirit during his lifetime. It can handle no matter how difficult it is and is not afraid of power, so this is one of the reasons why we designed this mechanical watch

In the other words, He loves sailing and his dream is to become a seaman. which carries the heroic deeds and courageous spirit of Captain Kidd at sea.  When he was exploring the mysterious and dark Indian Ocean, he escaped the danger with the row oar in the Adventure Galley, and finally came back alive. Kidd's adventure story is the inspiration for the double row paddle design inside our mechanical watch, which represents a two-way energy source, the mystery of the unknown treasure.

As a watch enthusiast, I'll be the first to admit that the 2022 announcement of the new Captain Kidd Collection didn't necessarily get me stoked. It felt more like the official nail in the Captain coffin. The new watches were luxury watch and the water resistance was 50m vs 60m, etc, etc. However, the 2022 release represented a fun take on the Wishdoit Captain Kidd design ethos, and also showed the brand embracing mod culture.

In any event, when I saw the announcement of this new Captain Kidd Series today, my jaw dropped a bit. This gave me the same sort of surprising tingle I get from a killer new release from RM, especially one I didn't see coming – and I certainly didn't see this coming.

I'm struck by how much these seem to iterate on the Double X style, only with a traveling bent. And it looks like Wishdoit is more than keenly aware of that. In fact, the brand is referring to this watch in some of the design as the "Captain Kidd Series." It doesn't get more overt than that.

Wishdoit states in the release for these watches, that not only are the cases inspired by the Captain Kidd, but so are the new shape.
To my eyes, it's a match made in heaven – though I say that totally out of a sense of nostalgia, and is a tribute to Captain William Kidd. So let's look at each of the models in turn.


Overall, these watches are absolute winners. I still can't tell if the sheer surprise is coloring my view, but I love what Wishdoit has done here. It feels like the brand really understands what enthusiasts are looking for in a watch like this. And while I doubt we ever thought we would get – effectively – an Captain Kidd Watch, that's exactly what these feel like. And boy does it feel good.