This question right goes to the core of something I can't really articulate, but which is very interesting. If you got it, What do you want to do, or have any dreams to realize. Let's share your idea.

I would follow it for a ways. But if it lead my to a giant pile of gold treasure, I would make a decision. I wouldn't blindly encounter what the compass is pointing to. I would treat the subject of my deepest desire like a wild animal. I would study it from afar. And only make a move when ready to. The reason why I have to think carefully before making a decision is because the inner goal must be clear, so that the compass can guide you to the right direction and where you want to reach.


Wishdoit Watches Psychic Compass Pirates Watches

There is a customer who has a different opinion on this. Do you know what he gonna do? Let us take a look.

Here’s the thing, he doesn’t think the compass points to the holder’s greatest desire. It points to what you convince yourself you want.

For instance, when Will is on the Dutchman, Jack doesn’t want Will, and his compass can’t find the Dutchman because, as Tia Dalma explained, Jack is too conflicted about what he wants at the time. But he knows that Elizabeth does want Will, and goes through this whole song and dance to convince her that in order to find Will, they need to find the Dutchman.

Wishdoit Watches Psychic Compass Pirates Watches

Elizabeth doesn’t want the Dutchman, she wants Will, but she’s convinced that to find will she needs the Dutchman. So it points to the Dutchman.

So, it actually points towards whatever you decide you want, not what you’re heart desires.

And he doesn’t think it would point anywhere for him. He has this issue where, faced with many choices and can’t make a decision. "This is because growing up I never got to make my own decisions. It’s a skill I don’t have. I know that makes no sense, but it’s true. i don’t know what I want because I’ve never been able to choose for myself, someone else always makes the decision for me and then punishes me for wanting to make my own decisions".

It’s another instance of my mother refusing to teach me something, and then screaming at me for not knowing how to do it.

Despite this, I still like a watch with a compass. Which can remind me to stick to what I want to do, and it can motivate me to continue to make progress.


Wishdoit Watches Psychic Compass Pirates Watches

 Judging from the internal structure of the mind compass watch, the circle at 9 o'clock inside is the small seconds dial. This is a small seconds dial with three hands. As long as you are moving, it will keep rotating. Just like a compass, it can guide you in the direction you want.

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