Though the new gadgets are now leading the world, a prominent community is still in love with them. Imagine the scenario where you are at an official dinner, business meeting, or professional seminar. How will you check the time and tell anyone if someone asks? Through your phone?

It might be considered the worst behavior. The simple question arises that cell phones are for calling and messaging, and quartz watches' main aim is to tell the time. You can’t consider cell phones as a replacement for timepieces.

They offer the convenience of checking the time. What if your mobile’s battery goes down? How can you check the time? In many places, mobiles are not allowed to be taken, which is another problem.

All the military officers, scuba divers, swimmers, and pilots all wear watches. Nothing can underestimate a watch’s importance.

People love to wear them regularly, despite their professions and necessity. Those who love never bother for the opposite reasons. But for regular use, finding a quality watch is a tough row to hoe. But I have a suggestion that will prove it is the best watch for regular use.  

Which Watch Is Best For Regular Use

Though you can get many options in the market, both quartz and mechanical, for all those who need a watch for purely time-checking purposes, just go for a mechanical watch.

Mechanical watches are accurate because batteries power them, so they don’t need winding. Moreover, they are the best option for those who are tight on budget. Among many, I highly recommend the Chrono watch for regular use. The reasons behind this are many, which I will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Chrono watch | Free Shipping Worldwide | Wishdoit watches


The design of this watch is an appreciation of the movie Death Race. Apart from the Wishdoit mechanical watches, which are built on the pirate theme, the theme of this watch is GT racing. That’s why the manufacturers engrave the sports car on its back, and the dial has racing elements. This watch symbolizes racing even in the most challenging situations or dark dangers.


The material is as best as they use in their renowned mechanical watches. These Tonneau watches are lightweight and easy to wear; their stainless steel case enhances the shelf life, and fluorine rubber offers a soft touch, resulting in resistance against oxidation, UV radiation, sweating, and many others.


How does the quartz work? The Seiko knows the answer. For quartz, what's better than the Seiko VD53 Quartz Movement? It offers high accuracy and reliability. However, at average temperature, you might find a gain or loss of 20 seconds in a month.

Water resistance

This watch comes with 5ATM, so don’t worry if a water splash accidentally hits it. Moreover, you can use the watch while showering (I don’t recommend it, just in case you forget). It also doesn’t affect under a swimming pool.


You will get this watch without any cost of shipping and can receive it at any place in the world. Wishdoit watches offer 5 years of warranty, though you often can’t need it because the material is so good that some maintenance can keep it away from damages.  


The best part is its affordability; anyone can get this watch because it costs only $229. But another great thing is the discount offers that lower your cost.


I hope you have found a good watch that is best for regular use. From quality to accuracy, this watch is available in various colors and completes every person's needs. Another significant part is that you can wear this watch every time, which is affordable for everyone. So, get a considerable discount to bless your wrist with a fantastic watch. 

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