Watches are now the most popular decorations, from the previous ordinary watches to today's various types of watches, watches are also experienced a long baptism, to a lot of new styles, such as electronic watches, children's watches, Bluetooth sports watches, and mechanical watches.

And we say what kind of people are not suitable for wearing mechanical watches, that is the elderly, weak people with mobility difficulties, long sitting in the office, children and people who do not love sports, because mechanical watches need to go through people's swinging arms to achieve work.


 Now we have more and more tools to manage our time. The birth of mobile phones, watches, wall clocks and other tools has made time more concrete and life more traceable. A watch is no longer a simple timekeeping tool. Especially mechanical watches. Maybe you're planning to buy a mechanical watch. Maybe you already bought it. The following content can help you deepen the understanding of mechanical watches.


Mechanical watch is the most suitable for repeated play of the watch, the internal only by the gear spring drive, mechanical romance and craft aesthetics in its body show most incisively and vividly. But at the same time, delicate is also their nature. Manual mechanical watches need to be wound up once a day. Even the most popular and most convenient automatic mechanical watches need to be powered by the movement of the wearer's arm. Therefore, if you're a couch potato, you're really betraying the value of a mechanical watch.


Automatic watch is not "automatic", it must rely on the person's arm constantly swinging, the table movement of the hammer constantly rotating, to drive the spring coil tight, to achieve the purpose of winding. Once the amount of exercise is insufficient, the watch will not be fully full, and often stop walking, its walking length is not enough, at the same time the watch error will become larger.

And mechanical watch should pay more attention to maintenance, can not wear a watch to wash your hands, although that looks very cool, and do not have to take off, it is convenient, but if the water is more trouble. There can not wear a mechanical watch to play golf, because the golf tee with great force, may cause a certain impact on the mechanical table.