As a mature man, most of them will choose a watch that suits them to improve their value and character. As a senior watch lover, I have collected many watches, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, etc. Of course, there are also some niche brands in it. But most of my choices are mechanical watches, because I think this kind of watches are more valuable for investment and collection.


Why choose to invest in mechanical watches?

Mechanical watches are not like quartz watches and require battery replacement. I personally think that mechanical watches are more convenient to wear. In addition, the mechanical watch is operated by mechanical principles, and we can clearly see the operation of the internal parts of the mechanical watch. Every swing and switching inside the watch movement affects the movement of the watch's hour hand. We can hear that the sounds they produce when they are in operation sound crisp. So it is one of the reasons why I like mechanical watches.
Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

However, the manufacture of mechanical watches requires the use of very sophisticated machines to polish all its parts, and manual assembly. On the other hand, polishing are also required to strictly control each process. I admire their craftsmanship very much. Although the production process will take a lot of time, I think it is worth it to be able to produce a perfect mechanical watch.
A watch with a story and a connotation
I believe this type of watch is worth investing in and collecting. In some well-known circles, there are many similar watches worn by many people. The watch I want to wear is unique and special. So I will choose our brand with good watch craftsmanship and help me customize a watch that belongs to me. Just like the black of Pirate Tonneau watch I customized looks very advanced and I love it. Why?
Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches
I write the design concept and story of this watch. It represents the most iconic color among pirates. Pirates’ clothing, sails, and flags are all unified in black.Its appearance reminds me of the famous region-the Caribbean. I think this watch can represent my wild self. It awakened my inner world, so that I did not forget the meaning of fighting for myself.
Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches
Whenever you see this watch, you will think of the story and value it has. Just like our Wishdoit brand that I think it is worth investing in. We pay more attention to every detail and are more precise in design details and technical craftsmanship. Of course, its quality is unquestionable. It is a boutique among niche brands, which can also keep its value for a long time.

Rolex is a watch worth investing in

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches
The Rolex brand is also familiar to all of us. Whether you know watches or not, many people will choose to buy watches of this brand, so its demand has always been great. Many celebrities have worn Rolex. For us, it has a high reputation and recognition. The Rolex watch I bought is not very famous. I think it will become more valuable over time yet, and I guess my watch will appreciate in the future. Besides, the Rolex watch is not back through, so I am very curious about the structure inside, but I can't bear to disassemble it, I would like to keep its integrity. Rolex watches are also of great investment significance. They can be used as a symbol of their personal heritage and status.

Finally, investing in a good watch is equivalent to investing in yourself. Not only the watch can appreciate, but also the height and value of your own thoughts.


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