In life, we always regard "retrograde" and "fly back" functions as the same thing. Although the two functions of retrograde and fly back look similar, it is difficult to distinguish them. In fact, the functions and mechanical construction principles of the two are completely different!

What is fly back?

It refers to a function of the chronograph. Its function is to instantly reset the pointer to zero after pressing the button, and immediately start the next round of timing.

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What is retrograde?

Retrograde is a time-traveling method that is different from the traditional circular movement of the pointer. It only takes a single pass. After the pointer has run full, it will instantly jump back to the starting point in the reverse direction and restart a new round of travel time. Usually retrograde can be used to display hour, minute, second, date, day of the week and other time-display information.

Since the fly back function is not easy to distinguish from the appearance, some watch manufacturers will specially mark "Fly back" on the dial.

The most obvious difference between the two is that the return of retrograde is done automatically, and the pointer usually returns to the starting point in the reverse direction; the return of the fly back requires the first to return to zero by pressing the button, and the return to zero is also divided into reverse and forward. .

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