Nowadays, the craftsmanship of people making watches is getting more and more refined, and the materials used in watches are also various. For example, some watch mirrors are made of mineral crystal glass, some are made of sapphire synthetic glass, and some are made of acrylic material, etc. 

The two most used movements in the world: one is the ETA movement; the other is the Japanese Miyota movement; their cost is not very high. However, in order to reduce costs, many businesses rarely use this type of movement. Some merchants with high requirements for materials will use finer and better quality movements.

The requirements of the mechanical movement are relatively high, and the requirements for assembly accuracy and movement material are also very high, and the jewel bearing sleeve of the mechanical movement is also very particular, which is an indicator that affects the accuracy of the mechanical watch. The picture below is the back of a pirate tonneau watch, I think it is so cool. you can click here to know more about it.

However, the external material of the watch depends on the stainless steel model. Branded watches are generally made of 316L stainless steel or 314L, while many so-called imitations are mostly made of alloy-plated steel, although there is no difference in the weight between them. Big, but they can't stand wear and tear.

The next step is the material of the hands. Brand watches are generally made of silver, and real gold hands do not exist unless silver needles are plated with pure gold. The hands are also an indicator that affects the accuracy of timekeeping.

Finally, the waterproof craftsmanship and materials used in watches are also very different. Although we can now use a waterproof tester to test, there is still room for improvement in the waterproofness of the crown. The numbers engraved on the dial are neat and clear.

When we are buying a good watch, we need to carefully observe the structure of the watch from the outside to the inside from many aspects. See if each material is complete and the texture is harmonious. The important thing is that the business value is not trustworthy, which can guarantee the after-sales service.

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