People, who often wear watches, at least need to clean the watch once a month, because the surface or gap of the watchband will have a lot of sweat and dust, so to clean regularly. What is the most appropriate way to clean it? Let me explain in detail.

Leather strap

Leather strap should not be washed with water, soapy water and chemical cleaners. Because in this way, it will be easy to be damaged, and cleaning can not achieve the effect of maintenance. The simplest clean method is that you need to touch leather maintaining oil with soft cloth or touch a bit of clear water and carefully wipe clean. 

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As for the metal buckle on the belt, you can wash it with clean water, similar to the steel belt cleaning method. You can use a toothbrush dipped in a little soapy water or toothpaste to scrub gently, but you should pay attention not to touch the part of leather strap, and after completion, you should wipe it with a dry cloth or dry it with a dryer as soon as possible.


Rubber strap


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First of all, we put the watch strap on the detergent soaked in boiled water for about 15 minutes. Why soak it in boiling water instead of cold water? The reason is that the connection between the ring buckle on the watchband is too close, we can not directly clean the gap at the connection. Moreover, when put in hot water, we can use the principle that heat rises cold shrinks on physics, and let the gap of joint oneself rise, which can be cleaned so.

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After 15 minutes, we start cleaning the strap. After cleaning,  we put the watchband soaked in cold water for about 15 minutes, this purpose is that We can soak the detergent off the watch strap and the same is to use the principle of heat rise and cold contraction so that we can let the watchband rise open the gap to restore the original.
Time is up, we take out the watchband, and put it in the shade to dry the watchband. Do not put in the sun exposure, which will damage the quality of the watchband.

Stainless steel strap

A more concise way is to immerse the stainless steel band in  warm soapy water, with a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove the stains, and finally with a silver mirror cloth to scrub the watch, will be very clean. If you like to learn how to clean in detail reference to this blog.
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Finally, daily watch placed environment should be kept dry, but also often use a soft cloth to clean the dust, sweat and water on the table; If the individual's constitution is easy to sweat.The ideal is to wash the watchband once a week, and  scrub at least once a month. Only in this way can your watchband be maintained for a long time. Do you have any suggestions? Please contact us or write a review.