When it comes to affordability, the only name that comes to mind is quartz watches. They are more accurate, require less maintenance, and are less in price. But it doesn't mean that quartz watches are always inexpensive, and mechanical ones are on the other side of this thread. Both types come with minimum and maximum price tags, but finding the right one is always a troublemaker. But don’t worry, my guide will prove an ultimate help for you, so let’s get into it.

Here is a small but to-the-point guide that will help you to find and purchase the best affordable mechanical watch, so what’s to check before making a decision? Let's get straight into it.

Size, Style & Weight

Choosing the right size matters the most, don’t go after only price. Many people consider basic things like style, design, size, and weight unimportant, but I think these are essential to check before purchasing a watch. Moreover, choose one with less weight, as it is a part of your daily accessory; you can’t let it put a burden on your wrist.

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Find The Best Material

Choosing the best material is an essential part. In terms of mechanical watches, Fluorine Rubber will offer the best package to you. It is allergen free, durable, and provides resistance against oxidation, sweating, UV rays, and many more. Choose anything; mineral crystal glass and sapphire crystal glass are both best for glass material. But the better is Sapphire because it has more scratch resistance.

Add Movement Checking To Your Priority List

The most important is movement checking. However, everyone knows that Mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz watches but still, some new ones come with such accuracy that they will show only a few seconds off up and down in time within a week.

In addition, some also come with self-winding and power-reserving power, so you don't need to wind them manually.

Don’t Compromise On Quality

I know you are concerned about price but never compromise on quality. A general estimate says that watches with a price tag of $100 or below are not of good quality, so if someone tries to tell you such a small price, then don't believe him.

Are There Any Affordable Mechanical Watches?

Although I have given the factors above, which provide the best aid when it comes to purchasing a watch that is within your price range, recommending nothing that is superior and satisfies all of the conditions would be unjust.

From the style to the price, Wishdoit’ Captain Kidd Watch is the best in terms of material and movement. How amazing to get something that hides an inspiring story behind its style! Like this watch which shows the heroic deeds of Captain William Kidd. In other words, it is just a small tribute to his courageous spirit.  It cost you only $480.

When it comes to material, these particular watches have the best, which the experts recommended. Using fluorine rubber in the band and sapphire or mineral crystal in the frame gives extra protection and excellent resistance against scratches or breakage. Even accidental hits or falling-off incidents will never cause any wrong.

They enhance durability, and with a bit of maintenance, you can use this product even for a lifetime. Aesthetically beautiful, this watch is lightweight and with a soft and breathable band that doesn’t cause any issues to your wrist, even after regular use. Despite self-winding, it also comes with an energy-reserving feature, saving energy for up to 80 hours. So, everything is unbeatable in their region, from material to movement, design to price.


So, you have read a guide to affordable mechanical watches for men, which will help in your next wise decision. The budget is the only thing that causes people to make harsh decisions, like leaving the dream of having a mechanical watch. But no more, as the market has many great watchmakers whose specialty is affordability, but without compromising the quality and efficiency of their watches.

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