WISHDOIT's new pirate tonneau men's watches Collection is available online now!Why do we design this type of watch? In fact, our designer was inspired by understanding the culture of Caribbean Pirates during the golden age of the 18th century, the pirate collection watches incorporate many pirate design elements. Different from the traditional round and square watches, this collection adopts the barrel-shaped element that is very typical in pirate culture as the unique case shape of the watch. The pirate collection will soon launch 5 different watch styles. Urca is the first one.

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches


The design inspiration and naming of Urca watches are derived from Urca de Lima, a treasure legend circulated among the pirates of Nassau City. In the TV series "Black Sails", Urca de Lima, a Spanish merchant ship carrying 5 million royal jewels, encountered a hurricane on the way and eventually sank in the Caribbean Sea. The pirate captain, Flint, who found out the whereabouts of the route log through spies, and then led the crew to search for Urca's treasure.

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

In the pirate civilization, Urca de Lima is the yearning and illusory legend in the hearts of pirates, which gives Urca a strong sense of mystery. In reality, Urca de Lima is a real Spanish multi-masted dhow. The design of this watch face is inspired by the shape of the mast on the Urca sail.

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

The pirate elements on the Tonneau case and the mast shape face, combined with the double-sided hollow design, which makes this watch bolder and more outstanding, highlighting your unique personality.

The Urca watch is designed in 3 colors: black, silver, and gold. These are the three most common colors in pirate culture.

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

Black: This is the most iconic color among pirates. Pirates’ clothing, sails, and flags are all unified in black.

Silver: The jewelry worn by the pirates and the sailor knife worn by the pirates are all silver.

Gold: Of course, it is the representative color of pirates favorite gold. After this gold has been toned, it has become a niche but special watch color.


WISHDOIT Pirate Tonneau Mechanical Watches, which uses 25 gems inlaid inside. we pay more attention to every detail, we are more precise in design details and technical craftsmanship. Although this extreme appearance is obviously not liked by everyone, the craftsmanship behind its creation is impressive and cannot be questioned. WISHDOIT Pirate Tonneau Mechanical Watches are now on sale, with a suggested retail price of US$499. For more details, please visit the brand's website.


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