Everyone thinks men's style doesn’t need any change with the weather, but why? Everyone needs a change in the wardrobe. If you're a man who enjoys dressing in suits, you may find the summer months challenging.

It might be challenging to seem like a genuine gentleman since the clothing items you wear need to be chosen carefully to present an exquisite and well-kept appearance at all times. What kinds of clothing are appropriate for males to wear throughout the summer? Are only clothes matter in your appearance? Find out with us by reading the article down below.

Tips for dressing for summer


Among great styling choices, t-shirts or short-sleeved polo t-shirts are best for everyday activities. But for special occasions, parties, long-sleeved shirts and for meetings office shirts are the only better option.

For more elegant and stylish looking, jackets are a must. Listening to a word jacket brings cold weather to our mind. But the breathable, cotton-made jackets also give you an elegant look in summer.

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Lower body wear also has many choices like jeans, shorts, trousers, and chinos. Although shorts are casual, many gentlemen avoid wearing jeans in public. Jeans are a good option, but they cause sweating, so drop down this idea for daytime. However, you can wear jeans and chinos in the evening time. For special occasions, you can wear trousers made of wool or cotton. So, it is perfect styling for a gentleman on summer days.  


When we talk about footwear, sandals, boat shoes, sneakers, loafers, and moccasins come to mind for the summer season. A pair of sandals is the most flexible footwear option. Sneakers are ideal for wearing throughout the day because of their high level of breathability, and they look fantastic when paired with shorts.

Boat shoes are comfortable enough to wear without socks. You can also wear them with chinos, a perfect combination for warm days. Evenings are the ideal time to wear loafers and moccasins, as long as you are dressed appropriately.


Instead of clothes and shoes, some other things add value to your styles, like the hat, specs, affordable mechanical watch, and many other things.

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Hats enhance your appearance; they will catch the attention of others in just a second. Moreover, it also protects you from the heat radiations of the Sun. Although there are many choices like Tilleys, Panamas, and Linen Caps, keep in mind that whatever hat or cap you are going to use, check its material; it should be breathable and of high quality so that it wouldn't trap heat.

Sun Glasses

Eye malignancies caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays may be avoided by simply protecting one's eyes with sunglasses throughout the summer. Wearing sunglasses that block 100% UV rays is one way to lower one's chance of developing cataracts or other glaucoma-related issues. So, in addition to protection, it also makes you more stylish and elegant.


Last but not least is the watches. They bring a significant change to your style and overall appearance. Wishdoit watches have a great range of unique men's watches that go amazing with any summer dress. They have a wide variety that goes perfectly with casual and professional attire. Their mechanical watches with the pirate theme, unique colors, and high quality makes them a perfect match for your personality. It is a flawless combination of modern and classical styles.

The Final Thought

Everything you wear, from hat to dress to watch to footwear, offers an enhancement to your looks. All the options mentioned above will make you more stylish and elegant without giving you stress about hot summer days. 

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