In the digital age of information explosion, people still prefer mechanical watches, because mechanical watches carry the awe of handcrafted meticulous craftsmanship. Hundreds of mechanical parts go through thousands of hours of grinding, assembling, and testing by fine watchmakers to create a durable and strong mechanical watch. When it comes to high-quality mechanical watches, the brand of WISHDOIT must be on the list. Based on strict standards that exceed industry requirements, They use rarer and stronger materials and complex advanced technology to create every watch.

The newly launched X series watch not only spends effort on the appearance, but also the internal craftsmanship is meticulous and attentive, and WISHDOIT's perfect pursuit of mechanical technology and quality can be felt in every detail. X Series Watch is exquisite craftsmanship, uncompromising quality. Besides, this watch integrates elements of technology into traditional mechanical watches, and uses X as the inspiration to redesign the internal structure of the watch. It is a mechanical watch with bold design and exquisite craftsmanship.


Precise and stable high-quality movement

The movement of the X series watch has independently developed the durable and reliable WSD7500A on our original movement. The movement is designed and manufactured with the highest quality standard, each movement will undergo four complete tests, with more than 80 hours of kinetic energy reserve, the daily error is within plus or minus 10 seconds, in order to ensure the movement which is accurate and stable.

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Exquisite polishing process under the panoramic back

In general, the fine grinding process usually occurs on high-end movements, and the internal grinding is much more complicated and expensive than the external grinding. There are no unnecessary parts in the watch, each part has its own function, for most parts, the quality of polishing directly affects their working performance and durability. The movement is the core technology of mechanical watches, and it is also the embodiment of quality. Even in places that may not be seen, they still strive for excellence. From the details, we can see the efforts of WISHDOIT for the high quality of products.


The back of the X watch adopts a panoramic transparent back design, and the wearer can fully see the platinum-plated movement processed by the high-end watchmaking process. Using CNC milling technology, edge chamfering and polishing, the main plate is decorated with exquisite retro patterns, showing a unique metal corrugated texture, but under the panoramic back, it shows the artistic beauty and mechanical beauty of the design.


More high-quality watch materials

In the selection of watch parts and components, They are also unrelenting, and relentlessly pursues materials with a higher sense of quality. All the watch mirrors of the brand are made of sapphire crystal, and the X Series watch is no exception. This is a material commonly found in middle and high-end watches. The hardness of sapphire material reaches 9 Mohs, second only to diamonds. Scratches can ensure that the mirror surface of the Tonneau watch is timeless and has a long service life.


The high-quality 316L medical stainless steel case material is used as the case, which is corrosion-resistant, comfortable to wear, and will not be deformed or faded. The traditional case manufacturing uses cast iron technology. The molding of the case will be affected by various factors such as metal oxidation and mold damage. The quality of the case is prone to deviation, and quality control is difficult to guarantee. In order to reduce errors as much as possible,


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They use CNC cutting technology. It is understood that the processing accuracy of this technology can generally reach 0.05-0.1mm, with stable processing quality, and the high degree of automation makes the equipment cost very expensive. Only by improving the strength of the case steel and effectively improving the product quality through technological upgrading can the high quality of the product be guaranteed from the source.

The X series watch selects fluorine rubber as the strap. It is flexible and delicate. In addition, it is still as flexible as ever after thousands of bending tests, giving the wearer a more comfortable experience. With the brand's patented infinitely adjustable folding buckle, it can be easily released without punching, and the length can be adjusted at will, which is convenient and more ergonomic.

WISHDOIT has continued to invest heavily in technology research and development in the field of mechanical watches, and has made steady progress in the quality of watches, just to bring users the best use experience and continuously improve the quality of products. If you need a unique and durable mechanical watch, consider this watch, I believe you will be impressed by its high quality.


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