Our pirates URCA watches use a one-click method to remove the strap, which allows us to randomly change the strap color you want, and then match the watch with different styles and apply it to different occasions. Each match has a different surprise. Therefore, I will share my method with you.

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

Step one: Remove the strap

When we carefully observe the inside of the strap, we can see that there is a small round switch inside. Then press down with your hand and then you can remove the strap.

Wishdoit Watches Urca Pirates Watches

Step two: Install watch strap
Use the small round switch on the inside of the strap, and then first align the left port, and then align it to the right port. The strap and dial on both sides should be balanced, and then the strap can be installed. You can also refer to the following video

Step three: Install the watch butterfly clasp
First of all, we can see that one side is already installed, and the other side needs to be installed manually. Then we first unfold the butterfly buckle, and then put the other end into the hole of the buckle. Besides, the small dot in the middle is to adjust the strap according to the size of our wrist, so that it fits our wrist better. You can also refer to the following video

The above is how to remove this strap. Some people complained about why merchants didn't install the parts before shipping them. I feel that assembling some parts of the watch by myself can improve my hands-on and thinking skills, which makes me more interesting. Because I like the sense of accomplishment after I assemble. What do you think? Anyway, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and If you are willing to buy this URCA watch, you can contact me via email-support@wishdoitwatches.com. when you place an order and I can give you an extra strap you like.