Since its introduction in the year of 1906, Tonneau has slowly taken the shape of a classic watch. Once it was considered an exclusive style for women, and it was the Art Deco period, when the curved and unusual design of this watch really took off.

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Louis Cartier's biggest contribution to the watch industry was his unwavering idea that what we wear on our wrists does not have to be circular - he created the square Santos, the rectangular Tank, and the molten Crash. The Tonneau, his company's second timepiece, became one of its most influential models.

The watch and its curved case were created with the intention of conforming to the wrist. The Tonneau was and continues to be a beautiful shape. So, unless you consider going to exquisite celebrations, these were not originally purposeful timepieces. 

Early Tonneaus' tiny case allowed little capacity for sophisticated motions. His most recent grey/tan variant includes red and yellow splashes of color, but otherwise wears its desert military standard with distinction.

However, just because something is not useful does not imply it is not well-known. Brands wanting to break away from convention frequently used the Tonneau case. In 1912, six years after Cartier unveiled the Tonneau, Vacheron Constantin became the first brand to adopt the design. 

This decision was made to "move away from the classic circular design of the watch in the avant-garde spirit of a progressive age," according to its website. What is the takeaway? Circles are boring; barrels are the way of the future.

Newcomer watchmakers have used the Tonneau design to set themselves apart from the rounder competition in recent years. When Franck Muller founded his own company in the early 1990s, he focused solely on barrels. 

Tonneau watches were uncommon at the time, and the design was a method for Franck Muller to set his brand apart and make it nearly instantly recognizable. A decade later, when Richard Mille debuted nearly all of the models of the brand were also barrel-shaped.

Ladies Tonneau watches

Tonneau watches were once the most popular shape for women's wristwatches, and that tradition continues even in today's designs. Traditional and trendy Tonneau watches from a variety of prominent brands are available in both casual and formal forms. Here are a few of the favorite watches for ladies.

  1. A whimsical twist
  2. A barrel-full of elegance
  3. Unapologetically feminine

Men's Tonneau watches

Tonneau watches have been the go-to choice for men wishing to add Art Deco style to their personal wardrobe since the 1920s and 1930s. Here are a couple of favorite men's pieces for any occasion. 

  1. Classic black and gold
  2. Bond-like precision
  3. Sleek and sporty
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