Some customers woke up to find their watches foggy, even though they had never been in contact with water. I don't know why, but if we take the watch to the repair shop, it will cost a lot of money. So how to solve the watch fog, I have a few tips to share with you.  

The cause of the watch fogging

1.Watch of fog, which indicates that there is water in the table. Although the watch is sealed, but the case on each joint will appear very fine pores. Especially the used table, the larger the pore of the parts, the water vapor will enter from these pores.

2. The watch itself will have air, and there is water vapor in the air. When the temperature difference increases, the water vapor inside the watch is cooled into small drops of water, which will cause the watch to fog.

3. Watch waterproof ring aging is easy to enter a small amount of water. When the temperature is relatively high, it is in the gaseous state, and when the outside temperature drops, it is in the liquid state, and then the surface will be covered with fog.


 The solution to the watch of fog

1. When the watch has a small amount of fog, can be the table mirror inward, bottom shell outward, anti wear on the wrist.

2. Watch and granular silica gel together into a closed container, a few hours later can be taken out.

3. With moisture-absorbing flannelette table tightly wrapped, placed on the 40 watt light bulb near 15 cm, bake for about 30 minutes. It should be noted that: do not watch the table mirror near the fire directly baking, so as not to make the table mirror heat variant.


How to avoid watch fog?

1. When taking a bath or bathing in hot spring,  try not to wear a watch to avoid accelerating the aging of waterproof device.

2. Do not wear a watch, to put the watch in a dry and cool place, so as not to be affected by moisture or leather deformation.

3. Detect regularly the waterproof watch, replace the aging waterproof apron.

As a matter of fact, no matter what kind of watch, we have to maintain it regularly.

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