In the first case, if the dynamic storage of the mechanical watch is insufficient in daily wear, and the manual winding is quite different from the official standard, then it can be judged that the mechanical watch needs maintenance-related operations.

In the second case, if you have a commuter watch that is often worn every day, then my suggestion is that the maintenance cycle of this watch should refer to the time specified in the manual.

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Third, if the watch you wear often finds that you can't walk fast or slow, it is likely to be related to your working environment, such as an environment with a magnetic field or many electronic products, which will affect the running time of a mechanical watch, so It may be magnetized.

The fourth situation is special, but very common. If some mechanical watches are placed for more than three years, they will be exposed to light on the counter for a long time, and if they are tried on or improperly stored, there will be some lubricating oil in the mechanical watches. If it is missing, it may need some maintenance after just buying it home.

In the last case, you just bought a second-hand watch, and its warranty card information or purchase certificate has been displayed for a long time. At this time, you need to know whether this second-hand watch has been maintained; If not, it is necessary to go to the official after-sales service for a comprehensive maintenance, so that it will be better in future use and wear.

If you find that your watch needs maintenance, you must send it for maintenance in time to prolong the life of the mechanical watch.

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