Why do rust spots sometimes appear on all-steel cases?
Under normal circumstances, all-steel watches will not rust, but everything is relative. There are many types of stainless steel. The sweat excreted by the human body contains hydrochloric acid. If the watch is worn on the hand, if it is eroded by sweat for a long time or the acid, alkali and salt dirt is allowed to accumulate without being wiped off, rust spots will gradually appear on the watch case, especially in the low recesses of the back cover. comes out often. Therefore, you should pay attention to the maintenance of the watch at ordinary times, and often wipe off the dust accumulation, sweat, etc. on the case. In addition, you should try to avoid wearing the watch in strong acid, strong alkali and other occasions, so that there will be no rust spots on the all-steel case.
What is the power source of a fully automatic mechanical watch?
It mainly comes from the wearer's wrist movement. The flying weight of the watch swings when the owner is active, thereby winding the watch. Therefore, when the wearer does not do much activity or does not wear it for a long time, the string force will be insufficient or empty, causing the watch to run. Not allowed or stopped. The elderly and those who often sit in the office with little exercise are not suitable to wear such watches. In this case, the wearer is advised to manually wind the watch on a regular basis.
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What is a "luminous meter"? How is it different from an electroluminescent meter
The so-called "luminous watch" refers to a watch in which the hands or nails are coated with fluorescent powder, and the hands or nails can be seen glowing in the dark. Another type of luminous watch that appeared in the mid-1990s was an electroluminescent watch that made the entire surface glow. The difference between the two is as follows: 1) The luminous meter emits light by absorbing natural light energy, while the electroluminescent meter relies on the electric energy of the battery to emit light. 2) The "luminescence" of the luminous meter can only be seen in dark places, while the electroluminescent meter can emit light at any time as long as the corresponding button is pressed. 3) The luminous time of the luminous watch is limited by the time and intensity of absorbing light, and the electroluminescence is limited by the battery power.
Is a watch with more functions better?
A watch has many functions, and its design is relatively complicated, but it does not mean that a watch with more functions is the best. Many expensive watches are often the simplest in design. A watch with fewer functions is more convenient to maintain and has a lower failure rate. It should be said that what suits you is the best. To measure a good watch, it depends on its movement, material, workmanship and design style.
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How to choose a watch by appearance

 1.  A watch glass should be clear, smooth, free of blisters, scratches and cracks, and should be closely matched with the case.
  1. The case should be uniform in color, without obvious scratches, defects and rust.
  2. The back cover of the watch is clearly marked, fits closely with the case, and the sealing ring must not be exposed.
  3. The three hands of hour, minute and second should be straight, and there should be appropriate gaps between the needle and the needle, between the needle and the dial surface, and between the needle and the watch glass.
  4. The dial surface should be clean, uniform in color, clear in trademark and scale, and even in graduation. Calendar characters are well positioned within the box. The digital display handwriting is clear and free of defects.
  5. The movement of the mechanical watch (back-through type or hollow type) has no plastic parts, and the oscillating weight rotates smoothly.
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