I remember seeing such a sentence: "smart phones are the most popular and favorite technology products so far. Their rapid popularization threatens the survival of a series of products such as watches and alarm clocks." It's true that today, as an hour meter tool, watches are no longer necessary. Not only mobile phones, iPad, Walkman and other electronic products can see time, but time information is everywhere. However, the watch is not only not eliminated, and even by more and more people's pursuit and love, this is why?

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Read a clock

"Watching time is the most unimportant function of a watch." there are not a few people who have this view. But I think on the contrary, the most fundamental and core function of a watch is always to show time.


There is also a big advantage in watches is convenience. Mobile phones and other products are no longer as small and thin as watches. Don't forget that watches were originally produced for convenience. When you wash your hands, you can know the time by lifting your hands, instead of having to wait for the hands to dry and then take out the phone and open the screen; When you work outdoors, your hands may be dirty. If you look at the time with your mobile phone, you may also have to wash your hands; When you drive, it's convenient to look up and watch time with your mobile phone, which is not only a matter of trouble, but also a risk.

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Don 't worry

Mobile phones and other electronic products are easy to run out of electricity, even if the extra long standby time is only a few days. Unlike watches, quartz watches can be used for several years, and mechanical watches can be maintained well, even for a lifetime, without any anxiety.

A kind of etiquette

We all know that in some formal occasions or when communicating with others, it is inappropriate to watch mobile phones frequently. If you're in a meeting, you don't take your mobile phone seriously enough, and it may even make your boss resent you. If you are communicating with others, watching your mobile phone frequently will make people think you are impatient and disrespectful. But if you wear a watch, you can sneak a glance without attracting the other party's attention, and then you can know the time progress, so that you can make a choice.

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A gift

Watch is the best gift between lovers, and it has the meaning of confession. It won't be as hard for men to accept as necklaces and other accessories. Among the gifts given by his girlfriend (wife), only watches are the most popular among men, and men are willing to wear them. And a good mechanical watch has a certain inheritance, you and her lovers watch may be able to pass on to the next generation, in the future to tell children, how romantic.

A kind of decoration

Compared with the chain, the watch as an accessory is more noble. For men, watch is one of the few suitable accessories.

Finally, what's your opinion on this issue?

Mens Luxury tonneau mechanical Watch | Wishdoit Watches

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