Wearing a watch doesn’t mean you only wear it for checking time; a mobile can perform this task better. Nowadays, a watch is preferred as a fashion accessory that both men and women wear to look stylish. So, whatever your purpose, a watch should be of high quality for better appearance, result, and durability.

It's crucial to be well-informed before purchasing anything; buying a watch is no exception. Don't let yourself be duped by other people; instead, go for something that will endure.

How do you know if a watch is of high quality?

From the appearance, you can’t call a watch good or bad, several factors make a watch of high quality, and they should be checked before choosing one for your wrist. Though everyone’s preferences are different, some want accuracy, while others wish for style, but several options in the market offer both. So, continue to discover more.


The quality of a watch is highly dependent upon the material of the watch. Don’t try to focus only on the glass because the case, glass, and strap/band material everything is crucial to check. So, stainless steel is a perfect material for the case in terms of durability, weight, and appearance.

The Sapphire crystal glass is best if you want to keep your watch running for many years without scratches. It lowers the chances of breakage to a maximum. And Fluorine rubber watch band adds extra durability, softness, and look to your watch.

Moreover, it protects the watch from corrosion and oxidation, resists heat and fire, and also doesn’t cause allergies except for a few in some cases.


When you ask for movement, quartz watches are king due to their battery-powered system and no winding mechanism. But now, you will find a mechanical watch that satisfies your stylish needs with 99.99% accurate movement. Moreover, the wishdoit watches also feature a mechanism for saving energy to run the watch hands even in a still position. And for winding, you don’t need to do it manually; its self-winding mechanism does it on its own while you move your hands while wearing it.


Don’t let this part skip from your mind; resistance will play a crucial role in the durability of your watch. Accidental splashes, rain incidents, and forgetting to take off while taking a shower and swimming will make you lose your special favorite accessory if you can’t pay attention to water resistance. To keep your watch safe under such conditions, try to purchase one that comes with at least 5ATM resistance.  


Watch is an accessory you must keep on your wrist every time, so there is no chance that anyone can choose a heavy one. Although some are slightly heavy due to their material still, the best is one that can quickly become a part of your life without causing any irritation, heaviness, or irritability.


Don't rush towards a brand or costly watches; the high cost does not always equate to a superior product or high quality. After checking the quality of the watch as per the above points, it is time to look at its price.

Get it out of your mind that a good watch is always expensive because many brands sell watches made with good materials at low prices because they aim to keep the watch within reach of the ordinary person. Wishdoit watches is one such brand, and their luxury watches are of high quality and within a commoner’s budget.


The seven things discussed previously should be sufficient to provide you with the necessary information you need for it. Therefore, be sure to inspect everything and choose wisely.

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