Newly released ocean black hole pirate watches by WISHDOIT Watches are inspired by the concept of Black Hole in the ocean.

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches


Denver, CO – September 13, 2021 – Talk about the most popular avatars for Halloween parties and the “pirate” look is sure to be in the top list with élan. In that spirit, and with Halloween just round the corner, boutique watchmaker WISHDOIT Watches has recently released a new watch from its latest “Pirate” watch collection. Titled “Ocean Black Hole”, the new watch is available for now with Double discount. 

The new pirate watches from WISHDOIT are inspired by the Caribbean Pirate culture of the golden age in the 18th century. The first line of watches to be released from the collection is Urca, themed on the legendary Spanish ship Urca de Lima. The newly released Ocean Black Hole is the second line to be released from the Pirate collection.  

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

“We are excited to announce that we have just released our second line of pirate Tonneau watches, Ocean Black Hole, Viking TomahawkJoli Rouge and Psychic Compass just in time for Halloween. The pirate look is one of the most donned looks for Halloween parties and our new pirates watch would be the perfect accessory to complement the pirate vibe”, stated the founder of WISHDOIT Watches. 


Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

“So, whether you are planning to don the look of the iconic Jack Sparrow or any other character from the famous pirate movies, novels, and TV series, our latest pirate Halloween watches would be the ideal thing to complete your look. In fact, the idea of launching a pirate collection was inspired by my son’s pirate costume from last Halloween.” 

The Ocean Black Hole watch style is inspired by the concept of the dreadful Black Holes in the oceans. It’s somewhat similar to a cosmic black hole produced in the oceans that gobbles down any object that comes near the vortex. The concept of the Ocean Black Hole has been immortalized by “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” where there was this iconic scene of fighting in the very center of the ocean whirlpool. The pirates are undoubtedly the masters of the ocean but there are certain things about the ocean that they dread of- and one of them is Black Hole. 

The WISHDOIT pirate-themed Mechanical watches are designed with a bunch of signature pirate design elements to create a realistic vibe. 

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

The most significant pirate-themed design element that distinguishes the WISHDOIT pirate watches from regular watches is the unique “Tonneau” shaped watch body. Unlike the regular watches that mostly come up with a round or square build, these pirate watches feature a Tonneau or barrel shaped body in reminiscence of the wine barrels that are observed in numbers on the pirate ships.

“We have designed the dial of the Ocean Black Hole watch in tune with the very concept of Black Holes of the oceans. You will find a circle in the lower left corner – it represents the center of the black hole. On a closer look, you will find some lines area emanating from the circle. These lines represent the arc-shaped powerful waves that form around the ocean whirlpool.”

Wishdoit Watches Viking Watches

The Ocean Black Hole watch comes in a gold dial- the favorite color of the pirates since they are always in quest of treasures. 

The first order price of Wishdoit pirate watches has been reduced by $170, but now they have an additional Halloween special discount, up to 25% across the entire site. Check out the Pirate Collection and you will find your own Halloween costume

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