Wishdoit, an American watch manufacturing company, has added yet another watch to their impressive list of high-quality mechanical watches, The “X-series watch.”  The X-series watch, which is currently available on their website and stores, comes in three different design options: the X-series silvery watch, X-series gold watch, and X-series black watch.


Like every other Wishdoit watch, the X-series is inspired by 18th-century Caribbean pirate culture, and the Pirate Tonneau mechanical watches incorporate many pirate design elements. In contrast to traditional round and square watches, the X-series, like the other watches by Wishdoit, adopts the barrel-shaped element that is very common in pirate culture as the watch's unique case shape.

X-series watch | Free Shipping Worldwide | Wishdoit watches

Our X Series watch represents infinite power and unknown. When we give ourselves permission to dive into the unknown, at the same time, it opens us up to a whole new level of self-discovery like peeling an onion! If you look at this X series watch from different angles, you will find different surprises, and receive the new and better things to your mind!

Also embracing unknown is one of the most rewarding skills you can learn. It will give you the ability to live your life with more freedom, happiness and assurance and empower you to set boundaries. It all starts with the first step. Just like the Tom Hanks said “The challenge of the unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of the accomplished past”

Obsessed with mechanical watch design and inspired by pirate culture, Wishdoit has been launching the Pirate series of tonneau Watches, which convey the pirate spirit of boldness and breaking the rules. The X-series is the latest of these mechanical watches by Wishdoit

Wishdoit is a quality-oriented company, unlike other brands that mass-produce watches and focus on quantity and cost. According to the company, they want to create a line of luxury watches for men that are also affordable, so they cut all dealers to focus on one goal: uncompromising quality and unrivaled value because they believe that style should not be too expensive.

X-series watch | Free Shipping Worldwide | Wishdoit watches

When it comes to the perks that come with purchasing a watch from Wishdoit, the newly launched X-series is no exception. Customers are offered free shipping worldwide, 180 days of free return, 5 years warranty, and 100 percent safe and secure checkout, as with other products. It's a best gift for your father.

Wishdoit was birthed in 2012 with a very simple mission: to make products without taking shortcuts for the people who refuse to take them. They pay attention to the ultimate details and hope to be perfect. Although every revision of a version will increase the cost by tens of thousands, they are working hard to do more and be creative, knowing that their over 14000 customers and counting expect them to do better. The X-series is without a doubt a true representation of the firm's goal: to provide an exquisite product at an unrivaled value.


Watch the unboxing of Wishdoit’s New X-Series Watch on YouTube.

Visit https://wishdoitwatches.com/ for more information on this newly launched watch and other products.


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